Aftermath & Stanley Steemer Partner to Bring Peace of Mind to Families During Biohazard Cleanup

Partnerships: Stanley Steamer & Aftermath specialists in crime scene & trauma scene cleanup.

A strong business partnership allows each individual business to grow and expand the types of services they can offer to their clients. In the case of biohazard cleanup, Aftermath specializes in removing and remediating biohazards through a complex sanitization and bio waste removal process. However, once their job is done and a scene is cleared of biohazard, families often have interest in more aesthetic fixes, such as air quality or fragrance. That’s where Stanley Steemer comes in.

Paul Lashuk has been working with Stanley Steemer for over a decade, and is the General Manager of the Chicago market, which includes six Stanley Steemer locations. About three years ago, both Stanley Steemer and Aftermath came to a collective realization that combining their services could provide cost-savings benefits to customers in regards to biohazard cleanup.

“We come into the home when Aftermath’s job is complete and clean the air ducts. Indoor air quality is important, and we offer this service as a way to provide peace of mind to the family. They can be comfortable in knowing the airways in their home are clean following a death in the home,” Lashuk said.

Families can avoid having to replace furniture or other items by ensuring there is no compromised air quality. Stanley Steemer is able to provide a service Aftermath does not offer to keep items clean following a biohazard cleaning. This saves families money in terms of eliminating the need to replace expensive items such as couches, chairs, carpet, drapes, rugs and pillows.

Not only is Aftermath and Stanley Steemer’s business partnership beneficial to the customers, but also to one another in terms of business. Stanley Steemer receives calls from customers who were referred by Aftermath for air duct cleaning following biohazard cleanup. When customers call Stanley Steemer inquiring about cleaning up their home following a tragedy, such as homicide, suicide or unattended death, they are directed to Aftermath.

“Those guys [Aftermath] are the professionals. They are the biohazard cleanup experts, and they know what can be saved and what can’t be saved following a death in the home or business. However, we [Stanley Steemer] are able to provide a service complementary to that of Aftermaths’ that helps to extend the life of personal belongings,” Lashuk said.

Aftermath and Stanley Steemer’s partnership continues to provide families with services aimed at helping restore comfort to a home during an especially difficult time. In the future, each hopes to build upon the reach of this partnership nationwide, and continually provide peace of mind to their customers.

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