Aftermath Visits the Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance Conference

COVA ppe kit winer_Tonia Agnes weld Cty victim advocate specialist.

Though many resorts turn into ghost towns after Labor Day, the Keystone Resort in Keystone, Colorado was bustling with activity last week. The reason? The Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance (COVA) was hard at work, hosting their annual conference. Haunting the booth for Aftermath was Tony Cusinato, Senior Manager of Law Enforcement Relations.

What is COVA?

This conference was a bit of a departure from the usual for Tony, who usually works with police officers and other affiliated agencies. COVA is a Denver-based organization that is focused on helping crime victims and their families “through leadership, education, and advocacy.” According to the group’s website, the COVA Conference is one of the largest victim services conferences in the country.

This year, the COVA conference hosted over 1,000 attendees from government agencies, victim services field professionals, and victim advocacy non-profit organizations. Participants gathered to hear keynote speakers and attend workshops where they learned new skills and other valuable information from peers and educated themselves in the industry’s best practices.

A Bewitching Affair

COVA Members were not spooked by the idea of a company like Aftermath; rather, they asked Tony plenty of questions relating to the company’s locations and response time. They were especially interested in how the company works with insurance plans and victims compensation programs.

“Many attendees had no idea that crime scene cleaning services were available,” Tony remarked. “It was great to get into a new market and introduce them to the company.”

In addition to all the usual treats (and plenty of information and friendly handshakes!), Tony gave away a 5.11 tactical bag and PPE kit. The winner was Tonia Agnew, Weld County Victim Services Advocate.

About Aftermath

We had a bewitchingly good time supporting COVA last week and we look forward to many more conferences with advocates in the future. Special thank you to the members who welcomed Tony, and to the vendor’s coordinator who assisted us with questions.

There’s no trick to it. Since 1996, Aftermath Services has provided dedicated, compassionate crime and death cleanup services to more than 18,000 families coping with the aftereffects of tragedies. Often, educating families means reaching out to first responders like police, as well as insurance agents and victims advocates, who are on the front lines each and every day. To learn more about our services, visit our website.