Announcing the Winner of the 2015 Aftermath Community Matters Giveaway

Food pantry.

This summer, Aftermath announced the creation of a new contest. Entitled the Aftermath Community Matters Campaign, the purpose was to draw attention to the many great causes supported by our associates and customers, and give back to the communities where we all live and work. One winner would be chosen, and that winner’s preferred charity or organization would be the recipient of a $2500 grant.

Several weeks ago, the drawing came to an end and a single winner was randomly selected from hundreds of entries nationwide. The winner, Detective James Murray of the Spencer, Massachusetts Police Department, nominated the Mary Queen of the Rosary Food Pantry as recipient of the $2500 prize. In a recent interview with Detective Murray, we learned a bit about the department as well as their chosen charity, a non-denominational food pantry located in the basement of the Mary Queen of the Rosary Church in Spencer, Massachusetts.

The Winner’s Circle

Led by Chief David Darrin, the Spencer Police Department services the Spencer, Massachusetts community, a smaller town located in the central part of Worcester County. Detective Murray has worked in law enforcement for 25 years, with a career that has focused mostly on drugs and narcotics. He’s been a member of the Spencer PD for 18 years, currently serving in the criminal and narcotics division. As part of his job, Det. Murray often works alongside members of other law enforcement agencies, and collaborates heavily with state and federal authorities. He is also an avid participant in local and community charities and events.

Spencer PD is no stranger to Aftermath Services. Not only have they used Aftermath’s services themselves, but they have a sincere appreciation for the work we do for families and the community. As in many places, finances impose limitations on the programs, training, and equipment that the department has to take care of the Spencer community. Companies like Aftermath occasionally step in to provide extra resources and assist the officers in meeting the needs of those they serve.

Safety and awareness is something all departments strive to instill in members of their staff. When officers attend a crime scene, they are thinking about the family and victims, and not necessarily themselves. This can lead to two things: accidental contamination of the scene, or BBP or other hazards may be tracked back to the officer’s own families or to the police department. Aftermath awareness campaigns are targeted to keep officers and other law enforcement professionals in the know about the seriousness of the biohazardous situations they encounter each and every day.

Everyday Heroes

The Mary Queen of the Rosary Food Pantry is just one of the many charities that Det. Murray and his fellow officers are involved in. Through their efforts with the Police Association and the Dispatch Association, they partake in a variety of community activities that range from helping kids to assisting the elderly. These events include:

  • Car Seat Donation and Inspections: The department has three officers who are certified to provide car seat inspections; they also raise money to donate car seats to members of the community
  • Breakfast with Seniors: Each year, the PD helps host an annual breakfast for nearly 200 elderly citizens. Officers cook for the seniors, run activities, and also provide helpful training on serious subjects like fraud and elderly abuse.
  • Prom safety: During the spring season, Spencer PD partners with the local fire department to teach high school students about prom safety and setting realistic expectations.
  • Kid’s Christmas Party: In December, the Associations partner with local schools to help wrap presents and provide other needed services to kids and families in need.


Next Up: An Interview with the Charity

Keep an eye on our blog as later this week we interview the Mary Queen of the Rosary Food Pantry as the second part of our featured Community Matters Giveaway announcement. To learn more about Aftermath’s three pillars and our community support initiative, visit our website. Finally, as always, if you have questions or are in need of our biohazard cleanup services, call 877-872-4339. Our technicians are available nationwide, day and night, to help you and your family or business recover from difficult and often traumatic situations. Don’t delay – protect your health and home with a professional cleaning from Aftermath Services.