Effectively Remediating COVID-19 Means Knowing the Difference Between Disinfectants & Antimicrobials

We now know that coronavirus (COVID-19) is highly contagious and insidious. It can survive on surfaces for approximately 17 days and many people infected by the virus do not exhibit symptoms until approximately two weeks after infection, making it difficult to trace and contain. This is why having a trusted professional disease and biohazard remediation company to call on is so important. Professional infectious disease remediation requires proper licensing, equipment, and specialized training. Not only is it critical that professional COVID-19 cleaners possess the necessary knowledge regarding EPA-approved cleaners, it is equally important that they know the difference between disinfectants and antimicrobials.

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What is the Difference Between Disinfectants & Antimicrobials?


Disinfectants are chemicals that are applied to surfaces to kill or inactivate microbes. Depending on the chemical, they may be effective against specific bacteria, fungus and/or viruses.


Antimicrobials are chemicals that are either applied to surfaces, or integrated in the matrix of the surface material to prevent growth and viability of microbes. Depending on the chemical, they may be effective against specific bacteria, fungus and/or viruses.

Antimicrobials, like disinfectants, are required to be registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) if they make any kill or viability claims. Additionally, antimicrobials either leave a coating on a surface or are integrated in the matrix of the surface material preventing microbes from growing and continuing to be viable.

Importance of Verifiable Surface Testing for SARS-COV2

Verifiable surface testing utilizes RT-PCR technology to determine the presence of SARS-CoV-2, the viral cause of COVID-19, on fomites and hard surfaces. Surface testing adds a new level of measurability and accountability, and is critical to both proactive controls and the efficacy of containment measures. This process can be done pre or post-disinfection, and is recommended to be performed on a regularly scheduled basis after preventative disinfection. 

Not only does this prove our methods effective at disinfecting COVID-19, but also demonstrates that you’re doing everything in your power to provide a healthy workplace that is free of known health and safety hazards.

Aftermath Service’s Commercial COVID-19 Disinfection

Let Aftermath Services’ expertise in virucidal disinfection and biohazard remediation help you and your employees manage the uncertainty of COVID-19. We can develop a customized solution for your business, whether you need a one-time disinfection or a comprehensive on-going program. We can provide a turnkey solution to ensure your employees and customers are safe and protected. 

For more information on our COVID-19 cleaning methods please visit our coronavirus webpage or call us at  877-769-6917 for immediate assistance or requests for more information.


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