Asymptomatic Spread of Coronavirus & How It Can Affect Your Business or Organization

As we learn more about COVID-19, we must put procedures in place to find new ways of curbing the spread of this novel virus. One of the most recent pieces of information we’ve learned is that people who are asymptomatic, meaning they are infected and never show symptoms, can still spread COVID-19. This is a terrifying thought for business owners who are doing everything possible to keep their livelihood safe, or for those trying to get their business to a place where they can safely eventually reopen to their employees and the public.

The US Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams  stated on ABC’s Good Morning America:

now we’ve learned about this disease — and we’ve always said we’re going to learn more, we’re going to adjust — and we’ve learned there’s a fair amount of asymptomatic spread and so we’ve asked the CDC to take another look at whether or not having more people wear masks will prevent transmission of the disease to other people.”

With more information revealing that the asymptomatic spread of COVID-19 is a growing concern, it’s critical that business owners take all of the necessary precautions to protect employees and customers. The following steps can be put in place to make sure you’re keeping your business safe for workers and the public.

3 Tips for Decreasing the Risk of Asymptomatic Spread

  1. Recommend anyone entering your business wear a mask, regardless of if they’re feeling sick or not. Dr Fauci, the White House health advisor,  recently stated “Particularly now that we’re getting some inklings that there’s transmission of infection from an asymptomatic person who is not coughing, who is not sneezing, who just appears well.” Workers or potential customers should all consider wearing masks when in public.
  2. Be proactive by equipping yourself with resources, like the knowledge of how Coronavirus may affect your business. Things to keep in mind include ensuring your employees know your remote work policy, postponing non-essential in person meetings and work travel, and being aware of your local COVID-19 resources.
  3. Have a plan in place in case you need to have your place of business cleaned. The CDC & OSHA have had differing recommendations in how to most effectively clean COVID-19 and how to deal with post-cleaning waste. A few basics to consider:
    • Using CDC & Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved industrial strength disinfectants
    • Treat infected material as medical waste to reduce spread as much as possible
    • Wear proper personal protective equipment (PPE) whenever possible

And know the cleanup process doesn’t stop at home. Ensuring you have transport and a disposal plan for any infected material is essential to keep your business and yourself safe.

Mitigate the Risk of Infection to Employees & Customers

As the leader in biohazard removal, Aftermath Services has expanded its longstanding virucidal disinfectant program to include a commercial Virus Eradication Program specially designed to combat COVID-19 using processes approved by the CDC and the EPA.

With coronavirus officially recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a pandemic, finding a provider with the right expertise to protect you is vital. With a nation-wide presence, Aftermath Services adheres to a higher standard of compliance with federal and state regulations. Organizations across the country can expect fast, reliable, and thorough service.

Disease outbreak is an extremely serious situation and we understand that the health and safety of you, your family, and employees are on the line. Don’t take any chances; call in the professionals.

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