Backing the Blue & the Police and Security Expo

Aftermath at PSE Conf. 2016.

Last week, Aftermath attended the Police & Security Expo in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Hosted by the NJ Association of Chiefs of Police (NJSACOP), the Police and Security Expo is the largest Law Enforcement tradeshow in North America. This year’s 30th Anniversary event was the best to date, with over 5,000 police chiefs, detectives, and other law enforcement professionals in attendance. According to the website, the show features: “the latest products, services, and technological advancements needed by by industry professionals. Products on display range from the common flashlight to items such as uniforms, transport vehicles, forcible entry tools, weapons, crime scene investigation aids, wireless services, digital cameras, warning lights, surveillance products, bullet proof vests, computers and many more.” Given the goal of the show, it’s easy to see why Aftermath and CSCU enjoyed a successful event!

CSCU and Aftermath: 18 years of PSE and Counting!

In the New England area, consumers are familiar with the CSCU name. As part of the Aftermath family, the east coast based company celebrated its 18th year at the show! In attendance were John Tyler, Senior Law Enforcement Relations and Marketing Officer for Aftermath and CSCU, accompanied by Stephen Brown, National Director of Business Development, and Randy Thompson, Aftermath’s New Jersey Supervisor.

Steven brought PSE pins to pass out, while John gave away coffee mugs and Randy raffled off two 5.11 tactical bags with sample PPE kits. Cpt. Robert Stanley of New York City’s MTA Police and Sgt. Michael Ward of New Jersey’s Ocean Township Police Department (pictured above) were the winners. Another popular giveaway item was CSCU’s newest magnet. Lots of attendees stated that they collect the magnets and were impressed with the new design. “The attendees were glad to see us as a exhibitor once again,” Stephen reported. “Everyone was able to pick up information to take back to their departments and have available for families in need.” While at the show, the crew met several new Chiefs from both PA and NJ. “I was amazed by the number of new Chiefs this year,” Stephen observed.

One of the most interesting things the team took away from the conference was the need for services beyond the residential scope. Stephen relates: “Chiefs, Lieutenants, Captains, Detectives – all see and understand how crime scene cleanup helps families, but many stated that now more than ever they also see a need for our professional services at their departments. We explained that we also clean jail cells, as well as squad cars and other public areas, so the officers do not have to. The idea of having a company on call to perform this task was a big relief to many.”

Aftermath is Backing the Blue

Showing support for our nation’s law enforcement is more than just attending conferences. We routinely offer education and informational sessions on topics that concern police and other first responders, including PPE and bloodborne pathogen safety. From time to time we also sponsor contests such as last month’s Backing the Blue Giveaway. The contest awarded one New England area police department with life saving QuikClot kits. The winner was Chief Marc Duphily of the Carver Police Department in Massachusetts.

For information on programs and services for law enforcement, visit our Law Enforcement page. Furthermore, if you are looking for additional ways to spread the word about our services, please contact us to order brochures, pens, and other marketing materials for your office or squad car. Whether you live in New England, the west coast, or somewhere in between, we are available nationwide to help you. Just call 877-872-4339 for 24/7 assistance.