Beyond the Cleanup: Tear Gas Uses and Hazards

According to the 1993 Chemical Weapons Convention, tear gas is prohibited from use during times of war. The reasons for this spanned from the agent being mistaken for deadlier compounds (such as sarin gas), as well as concerns about the damaging physical effects tear gas can have on people.

home-biohazard-cleanupDespite this pronouncement, tear gas is still legal for use in domestic situations. Countries all over the world make use of tear gas in certain scenarios. The agent has been employed to disperse protesters in countries like Iran, Sri Lanka, and Venezuela. Additionally, tear gas is used by U.S. law enforcement to control dangerous incidents involving violent crowds and hostage situations.

The Question of Safety

When used in open-air situations, the effects of tear gas typically resolve after a period of time, which is the main reason why the agent is still permitted to be used during protests and similar occurrences. When used outdoors, victims of tear gas exposure will experience physical effects like burning eyes, coughing, and even blindness, but only for a short period of time.

However, there is still some debate on the extent of any long-term damage the agent can cause. In certain situations tear gas can be fatal, particularly when one is exposed to the compound for an extended period of time. In one case study from the 1980s, tear gas was implicated the death of 50 detained Palestinians in Israel. Accounts like these cause many to ask why tear gas still remains legal. Furthermore, when used in an enclosed space such as a home or office building, professional tear gas cleanup is necessary to make the space useable again.

Professional Service When You Need It Most

If your property has been subjected to tear gas for any reason, it is important to know that many states require the area to be professionally cleaned by tear gas cleaners before permitting reentry. If left untreated, severe upper respiratory problems and other health ailments may result. Furthermore, in some cases, the police or law enforcement agency responsible for the tear gas are not reliable for cleanup, leaving the matter to the owner or manager.

While the use of tear gas by law enforcement is sure to remain a hot-button issue, there is help available for those who’ve been subjected to this caustic agent. Aftermath trauma cleaners are available 24/7, 365 days a year, to help with any number of situations. Experienced, discreet technicians can tackle almost any problem, and provide a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Return your home to a safe, healthy condition with biohazard cleanup from Aftermath Services LLC.