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Why Schools Should Do More Than Just Fogging for COVID-19

As life starts to normalize and schools reopen in the fall, it’s important to know the proper safety precautions in order to prevent another coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Keeping your students safe is your #1 priority, and there has been some misinformation floating around about the chemicals and cleaning protocols that are effective against coronavirus — […]

The Facts About Airline Cleanliness & Cleaning Standards

As businesses start to reopen during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, it’s important to know what companies are doing to keep their customers safe. Although people have been doing their part to flatten the curve, experts predict that a spike in cases is unavoidable, once businesses start to reopen. Meanwhile, companies such as Southwest Airlines try […]

Reopening Dental & Medical Facilities in the Midst of COVID-19

While COVID-19 is still present in the United States, dental offices and other medical facilities are prompted to safely reopen their doors as restrictions are lifted and cities/towns enter Phases 1, 2, and 3. With guidelines from state and local governments varying, Aftermath Services would like to provide medical offices with what we know best—cleaning […]

COVID-19: How Do I Know if a Business is Safe to Visit?

As shelter-in-place orders slowly begin to lift across the nation and businesses start to reopen, it’s critical for everyone to maintain safety precautions. Coronavirus (COVID-19) will likely return in waves until a vaccine is fully developed, approved, and rolled out to the masses. And as people begin to congregate once more, a spike in cases […]

How Frequently Should I Disinfect High-Touch Surfaces in My Office Building?

Regular cleaning staff can clean and disinfect community spaces per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines. Employers should ensure that cleaning staff are appropriately trained on how to use cleaning equipment and EPA registered disinfection chemicals. Since coronavirus (COVID-19) can survive on surfaces for up to 17 days, there are a number […]

How to Keep A Workplace Safe: Likelihood of a COVID-19 Resurgence

As plans are being discussed at the federal and state levels on how and when to open businesses, many business owners are wondering two things: how they will keep their employees and customers safe; and the likelihood of a COVID-19 resurgence. Do you know what extra precautions you should take in addition to the guidelines […]

After Coronavirus: Business Continuity Plans Are Essential

The modern world has never seen anything like the current coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and the economic chaos it has caused. But eventually, as things slowly begin to normalize and more and more businesses reopen their doors after the pandemic, it’s important to have a cohesive business continuity plan (BCP) in place. Every executive and business […]

Reopening Your Business In Accordance with State & Federal Guidelines

With new guidelines for opening the U.S. now being communicated at the federal level, business owners should prepare for what that reopening may look like in their state and local community. Additionally, the U.S. government is recommending that employers that are currently closed should open only after their state and local government allow for it. […]

How to Ensure Your Employees are Safe to Return to Work After COVID-19

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused all non-essential businesses to shut down in order to help “flatten the curve” — a phrase taken up by health officials that means to slow the spread of infection. But while things may be hard now, eventually things will normalize and people will return to work. It’s of utmost importance to […]

Why Janitors & Home Cleaners Aren’t Prepared to Clean After COVID-19

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic normalizes, businesses large and small are going to have to take measures to ensure their properties are safe for employees and customers alike. However, the unique obstacle it presents is that traces of the virus can be found on surfaces for up to 17 days. While it may be tempting […]


"Exemplary Communication, Care, Attention to detail. This team deployed quickly to a biohazard situation, provided excellent advice and counsel, performed their work with integrity, and were instrumental when helping us with the insurance claim. A+++"

Randy N. - October 11, 2022

"From my initial contact with Jeanine to the final walk through with Jason, Tristan, Marquel and Fritz Aftermath services has been tremendously upfront, kind and compassionate after the death of my sister. During such a difficult time I never would have thought that I would walk away with five new friends. I am forever grateful."

Megan M. - October 10, 2022

"Aftermath Services Manager Christopher and his Assistant Manager Trainee Gabriel took care of my tenants (who was family) apartment swiftly. It was disgusting in there. Will be going back to this company if a situation arises like this in the future. Drive home safe guys and thank you for your hard work."

John I. - October 12, 2022

"I can not thank Cecily and Fernando enough for all the hard work and dedication they exerted to resolve our family crisis. Thank you both very much. You truly care about the families that you serve and it shows. "

Joseph T. - September 19, 2022

"Lacey and her team are amazing. We never experienced anything like this they walked us through process explained everything upfront even cost and went above and beyond. They were professional, compassionate and informative from minute they showed up even on a holiday. Sorry to say this hope I never need their services again but if we did Aftermath will be our 1st call. Thank you so much."

Patti B. - September 12, 2022

"The Pasadena Aftermath team did an outstanding job. Not only are they a remarkable team, they are also exceptional individuals. Over the course of the week that they were here, we got to know and trust them. They handled this unthinkable situation with grace, compassion, and the utmost respect for the victims. Words will never be able to truly capture the appreciation we have for them. When our world felt like it was hit with a tsunami, your team threw us a life preserver and told us that we will be okay again.The world needs more “Kevins”, “Jamies”, and “Hassens”, who will help lift the burden off of strangers who are facing their darkest days."

Ashlyn B. - September 5, 2022

"Sterling and Aurelia did much more than clean the scene. They were patient, kind, and very compassionate. They took good care of the property as if it was there own. Sterling and Aurelia communicated with us every step of the way. Their presence alone did much to contribute to the healing process. On top of all that, they did a fantastic job cleaning the house. To be honest, we hated to see them leave. Our family thank them both to the highest degree!!"

Tim F. - August 22, 2022

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