Biohazard Company Celebrates Certified Nurses Day 2016

Nurse changes fluids.

Certified Nurses Day is this Saturday – a day set aside to honor and recognize the important achievement of nursing specialty and sub-specialty certifications. According to the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), March 19 was chosen as Certified Nurses Day to honor Margretta “Gretta” Madden Styles, a woman who championed the importance of nursing certification; Styles also created the first comprehensive study of nurse credentialing.

Nursing certifications are designed to recognize those who aspire to personal excellence within their field. In many ways, their professionalism and dedication reflect our own desire to help assist families in need. These men and women spend countless hours committed to specialized areas of care, such that their expertise and familiarity with the subject is one both doctors and families rely upon.

Are Crime Scene Cleaners Also Certified?

Unlike the standardized and in-depth processes that characterize certification by the ANCC and the healthcare industry, so-called crime scene cleanup certifications are mostly unregulated. Despite many claims to the contrary, there is no central governing body in the crime scene cleanup industry. However, there are hallmarks of excellence in the industry that are considered best practices. Aftermath has proudly helped to shape many these over the last 20 years.

As we examine some of the reasons behind nursing certification, we will also look at how these same qualities inform other industries, including crime scene cleanup.

The Importance of Being Certified

In general terms, certification is a designation earned by a person in order to assure their ability to perform a task. In the case of nurses, certification often shows competency in a specialized area of medicine or healthcare, such as Cardiac Medicine, Acute/Critical Care Nursing, or Emergency Nursing. It reflects additional dedication and experience which are tested against rigorous standards to confirm knowledge and skills to patients, their families, colleagues, and employers.

Certified nurses also help create an environment of professionalism, contributing to staff retention and patient safety in the hospitals where they work. A certified nurse is a role model for professional development, lifelong learning and dedication to optimal patient care. Certification brings pride, fulfillment and empowerment to the individual as well. All told, it provides a level of reassurance, and a guarantee that the patient is receiving the best nursing care available.

Second Responders Have Your Back

While there are no “certifications” for crime scene cleaners, there are several ways to tell if your service provider lives up to the same high standards set by industries such as health care, law enforcement, and other professional and government services of that nature. For your reference, we have created a 28 Point Checklist, which organizes and explains the important factors that should go into choosing a biohazard remediation company. Though we can’t say that Aftermath is the only crime scene cleanup company that goes to these lengths to provide you with a superior level of care, we can attest to our abilities with a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

Aftermath Says Thank You…

Want to support the talented nurses you know? The AACN Website has a list of helpful suggestions if you want to do a little something extra for those who’ve gone an additional mile for you. And if you are first responder yourself, be sure and visit our PPE page to get entered into our PPE drawing. You could win one of over 100 prizes, including a tactical bag or PPE kit. Contest ends March 31st 2016, so get your entry form in today!