Aftermath Visits the 2018 CHIA Conference in Las Vegas

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From February 25th through March 2nd, Aftermath attended one of our regular yearly conferences, the California Homicide Investigators Association (CHIA) Conference at the Palms Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. Represented by Stephen Brown, Senior Director of Marketing and Sales, and Tony Cusinato, Senior Manager of Law Enforcement Relations, this is a show is a Springtime staple for Aftermath and one we look forward to every year.

Changes at the palms

Unlike previous conferences, this year’s event was more low key. Though the vendor hall and panels were as energetic as ever, there were fewer activities on-site due to the renovations going on at the iconic Palms Resort, home of the conference for many years. The organization still hosted a comedy night, and when attendees were not at the conference, many took advantage of the gourmet restaurants and the many shows along the strip. “We’re excited to see what the hotel will be like after all the changes are made,” Stephen said.

The location and extra-curricular events are only a small percent of the reason why Aftermath attends the CHIA conference every year, however. The turn-out was still incredible – over 800 officers from California and the surrounding areas visited the event. “The atmosphere of this show is always overwhelmingly positive and receptive,” Stephen reported. “The organizers do a fantastic job and there is plenty sharing of best practices between the vendors and attendees.”

talking safety in the vendor’s hall

In the vendor’s hall, Stephen and Tony met several past winners of our PPE giveaway contest and they all had very positive things to say about the company and their interactions. Talking about first-hand experiences and the benefits of PPE also encouraged others to enter our Annual PPE Contest.

Aftermath also hosted a drawing for the officers. Mike Butcher, Detective with the La Mesa Police Department of California, won one of Aftermath’s signature 5.11 tactical bags, plus a kit of his own.

Aftermath Supports officers

Aftermath is a proud supporter of law enforcement nationwide. We regularly sponsor contests and award grants to police organizations to show our appreciation of the hard work performed by police officers every day. We also attend conferences like CHIA to showcase our services and enable officers to have the information needed to help educate their communities on the risks of biohazards. If you are a member of law enforcement, discover how we can assist you further by visiting our website.

If you require biohazard cleaning for jail cells, squad cars, or other government property, call us at 877-698-5517.