New Bill To Support Clean Air

In a previous blog, we discussed the Biden Administration’s Clean Air in Buildings Challenge. This challenge serves as a call to action to building owners to investigate indoor air quality in while also making upgrades to existing HVAC systems.

This process may seem obvious -better indoor air quality improves health and morale in office settings. For example, a Harvard School of Public Health study concluded that green buildings drive an average of 101% increase in cognitive function vs conventional buildings. Another Harvard study concluded 57% of sick leave can be attributed to poor ventilation. And a Honeywell study shows that 62% of office workers are ready to leave their job if their employer doesn’t take steps to create a healthier indoor environment.

Despite the data, we see many building owners hesitant to jump into an indoor air quality inspection because the potential expense to fix the underlying issues. However, assistance may be on the way. This blog will discuss a new congressional bill which proposes funding for building owners to assist with inspections and upgrades.

Is Poor Air Quality Decreasing Your Productivity?

Bill Information

There is a new congressional bill which may provide funding for air quality assessments and subsequent HVAC improvements. Rep. Don Beyer has recently introduced the Airborne Act. This act’s goal is to incentivize building owners with tax credits to obtain an indoor air quality assessment. The act had technical input provided by the leading HVAC body, ASHRAE. If passed, this bill would provide building owners with:

1. Up to a $1/SF in tax credits for an indoor air quality assessments.

2. Up to $5/SF tax credit for air filter upgrades

3. Up to $50/SFtax credit for HVAC upgrades.

This bill would also create a voluntary certification program for owners to showcase their compliance with the standards outlined in the challenge. This is reminiscent of when US government implemented the Safe Drinking Water Act. And is the first time we have seen the U.S. government take steps to recognize Air Quality as important to health as water quality.


The passage of The Airborne Act would greatly benefit building owners and occupants of buildings by incentivizing better indoor air quality. These tax credits would offset costs of indoor air quality assessments and HVAC improvements and help improve public health. If you are interested in discussing an indoor air quality assessment reach out to Indoor Science to discuss you building’s air quality needs.