PLRB 2015: Great times, Great Connections

Aftermath at PLRB 2015.

Last week, Aftermath visited Anaheim, California to attend the annual Property and Liability Resource Bureau (PLRB) Claims Conference. The four day event, which ran March 29th through April 1st, marked the first PLRB event Aftermath has attended in several years; the conference has grown even bigger and better since our last visit! The Aftermath-PLRB team consisted of several employees, including Patrick Branham, Mark Livorsi, and brothers Kevin and Bryan Reifsteck.

During discussions with PLRB members, Aftermath noted an apparent lack of awareness and education about the biohazard remediation industry. However, the adjusters we met with seemed curious and interested in educating themselves on the subject.

One of the most common misconceptions encountered at the conference was the theory that every restoration company is able and willing to do crime scene and biohazard cleanup. In fact, Aftermath is one of just a few nationwide companies that specialize in these types of jobs. Furthermore, few attendees realized that special licenses may be required for certain aspects of cleanup, including waste hauling and hazardous materials disposal. As Bryan explains: “After the work is done, we can’t just throw out everything in a regular dumpster or garbage bin, as some people believe. This is biohazardous waste, so we have to have special licensing and make sure we follow appropriate disposal guidelines.”

Overall, there was positive feedback from both from vendors and adjusters, not only about Aftermath, but also the conference itself. Says Patrick: “We appreciate everyone – vendors, adjusters and attendees – who stopped by the booth. We had a great time, made great connections, and cannot wait to see everyone at the next regional conference in Frisco, Texas in June.”

Members of PLRB include insurance companies and underwriting organizations licensed to do property or casualty business in the United States. Also, any business (like Aftermath) which provides claims services directly to PLRB member insurers may join as an Affiliate Member. As a trade association, PLRB offers members a wide, professional referral network to better service their customers. According to their website, PLRB exists to: “encourage productivity and efficiency in the property and liability loss and claim adjustment processes of members and the industry as a whole; to disseminate information on property and liability issues among members and within the insurance industry; and to promote education and new and beneficial developments within the property and casualty insurance industry.”

To learn more about PLRB, visit their website.

If you’re an adjuster and wish to connect with Aftermath experts regarding further education or questions on biohazard cleanup, visit us online or please call our dedicated line for insurance agents: 888-575-5708.

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