Beat the Heat With 5 Summer Safety Tips from Aftermath

Hermosa beach on a summer day.

Think you’re ready to beat the heat? As temperatures rise, so do many safety risks. Whether your plans include a vacation or a staycation, check out these 5 helpful tips, designed to keep you safe during the hottest months of the year:

1. Safety Away from Home

Summer vacation means time away from home, and for many kids, this means summer camp. As in any close quarters, this also means the risk of communicable diseases such as Stress good hygiene practices before children leave home, and instruct them not to share personal items like toothbrushes, waterbottles, or towels with other campers. Adequate clothing for a variety of temperatures, plus extra socks and footwear, can help prevent colds. Also make sure the camp has a policy in place to screen for illnesses and notify parents during outbreaks of potentially contagious illnesses.

For other summer camp health tips, visit the American Camp Association website.

2. Don’t Forget Pets

Animals suffer from the heat, too. Remember to make sure they have adequate supplies of water and food when you are away, even if just for one afternoon. Fans don’t help animals as much as people because of their furs, so make sure your animal has an air conditioned place to retreat to. Avoid walking dogs on concrete during hot, sunny days – and NEVER EVER leave an animal in a car, even with the windows cracked open. For more ways to keep your furry buddies cool, check out the Humane Society of United States website.

3. Water Safety

There are many articles out there about how to keep kids safe in water during the summer. And while we all know that drinking lots of fluids is key to surviving hot days, be sure to balance this with sports drinks or foods that contain sodium. Sodium helps the body retain water, and prevents the kidneys from overworking. Check out these tips for more information on water intoxication and safety.

4. Avoid a Summer Cold

If you’re planning time away from running water, anti-bacterial wipes and hand sanitizers can help keep icky germs at bay. Bring some along to the beach and on picnics, bike rides, and other outdoor activities. If you do get sick, don’t be tempted to keep going just because everyone else is out having fun. Treat a summer cold with the same seriousness as a winter infection, with extra rest and hydration.

5. Keep an Eye on the Elderly

Check on older relatives, and be sure they have the resources and ability to endure warmer temperatures. On hot and humid days, older people and those with chronic health problems should stay indoors in cool areas. Those without air conditioners relocate to cooler places like senior centers, shopping malls, movie theaters, libraries or community cooling centers. Medications and low-salt diets increase the risk of heat related illness, so be mindful of these situations.

If you suspect someone is suffering from a heat-related illness, get them into a cooler, shadier or air-conditioned area. Encourage the person to shower, bathe or sponge off with cool water if it is safe to do so. Applying a cold, wet cloth to the wrists, neck, and armpits can also help. Offer caffeine-free and alcohol-free beverages only. Call 911 if the victim demonstrates a high body temperature, confusion or combativeness, strong rapid pulse, lack of sweating, dry flushed skin, feeling faint, staggering, or unconsiousness. These are signs of a dangerous and life-threatening condition called a heat stroke. You can read more about seniors and heat-related illnesses here.

Summer Safety All Year Round

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