Vehicle Cleanup: Babies and Biohazards, a Case Study

Typically when a client calls Aftermath, the reason they require our services is less than pleasant. Occasionally, however, we get a request where the outcome of the situation is a positive one. Such was the case for one Massachusetts family. The customer’s pregnant wife gave birth in the family’s brand new car while on the way to the hospital. The family wished to have the vehicle cleaned so they could safely transport their new addition home. Cleanup needed to be handled fast, with care and precision.

Aftermath technicians met the man in the hospital parking lot. Biological fluids were visible on the front leather passenger seat of the vehicle and on the carpet beneath the seat. After a full inspection, the technicians met with the customer and went over all work that needed to be done. It was evident that the seat would need to be broken down and the carpet removed, as blood had fully saturated the leather and fiber materials. The technicians also discussed universal precautions and Aftermath’s policy and procedures. Just a drop of biological material can cause dangerous bacteria to grow, especially in an enclosed environment. Furthermore, a car repair specialist would need to be contacted by the customer to complete any repairs after cleanup was complete.

When a vehicle is affected by bio, the cost of having the car remediated sometimes outweighs its worth. In this case, however, the vehicle was new and the client felt remediation was a better, lower cost option. He chose to have Aftermath service the car right away.

Aftermath service specialists donned their PPE and immediately got to work. Using a razor and other tools, they disassembled the passenger seat and approximately 4 inches of contaminated wiring beneath it. The affected materials were then disposed of in medically approved waste containers. The carpet under the passenger side seat was also cut out. Technicians then cleaned and sanitized the rubber mats and vinyl areas of the dashboard and door. Once cleanup was complete, the workers notified the client immediately, allowing him to retrieve the vehicle and bring it to a repair center so it could be ready for action the following day.

While the situations they witness are more often tragic in nature, in this rare instance, the technicians’ hard work helped bring peace of mind to the couple by ensuring that the family vehicle was clean and safe enough to transport even the family’s newest member.

Aftermath does more than clean homes and offices. We clean vehicles and educate the public on biohazard safety, too. We are proud to bring this focus on health and safety to each one of our customers, and to the community. Stay tuned to this blog in the coming months as we announce new community contests and projects, and be sure to enter our PPE drawing for first responders only. The contest ends tonight, so get your entries in today!!