Visiting the Virginia Homicide Investigators Association Conference

Close up of police lights on police car.

On October 1st, Aftermath’s Mike Webster and Rodney Towerpaid a visit to Chesapeake, Virginia for the the Virginia Homicide Investigators Association (VHIA) Conference. Attended by state and local city detectives, the event attracted members who wanted to improve their skillset in order to help more families victimized by tragedy.

The VHIA is part of the International Association of Homicide Detectives. The branch was formed in 1993 by “a group of dedicated homicide detectives to establish esprit d’corps among  criminal justice professionals within the Commonwealth of Virginia and nationally relating to death investigations.”  The VHIA provides members with opportunities for training, including seminars and conferences and instructional courses designed for detectives, investigators, and others involved with death investigation. 

The conference was a regular stop in previous years, and Mike and Rodney soon found out why. “They were a very personable group,” Mike said. “It was a smaller conference, but almost everyone stopped by to talk with us over the course of the event.”

There were many questions about Aftermath’s locations and coverage to the Virginia area; detectives also wanted to know more from a business perspective, so they could be better informed to help the families they served. “They asked about how payments worked, and if we cooperated with insurance companies and victims compensation programs. I assured them that we do our best to find avenues to take the financial as well as physical burdern off the family directly.”

At the booth, Mike and Rodney gave away the usual waterbottles, pens, and notepads. Detective Terry and Detective Leach both won prizes, a 5.11 tactical bag and PPE kit. “The detectives seemed glad to be able to get out of the field a bit and talk with their colleagues and the vendors,” said Mike. “We were happy to tell them a little more about the company and arm them with information to bring home to their co-workers and the families they serve.”

About Aftermath

Conferences like the VHIA allow us to directly reach officers and other first responders who are on the front lines of helping victims and their families recover after tragedy. In the process, we’re always looking for new ways to thank officers for their efforts. From visiting conferences in Virginia and around the US, to sponsoring great giveaways and grants like the current Aftermath K9 Grant,  we show our gratitude to those put their lives on the line for our families and communities each and every day.

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