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The Aftermath Way

Customer-Focused, Conscientious, Compassionate

As a nationwide industry leader in biohazard and trauma cleaning, we handle traumatic situations on a daily basis. We understand how families can be overwhelmed by the aftereffects of a loss, and our hearts go out to those who are suffering. It is our job to help lift one burden from the minds of those who are grieving: the physical evidence of a tragedy.

The Aftermath Way is more than a cleaning regimen. It is a mindset instilled in all Aftermath employees that our customers deserve the highest quality service while being treated with dignity and respect. We respect their privacy by using discreetly marked vehicles and maintaining confidentiality. We document the work we perform in detailed reports provided to the insurance company. We help set claims when possible, and work directly with the client and their insurance agent.

The “Aftermath Way” . . . . The beginning of the recovery, not the end of a tragedy.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to remain the trusted and premier market leader in the biohazard remediation industry by delivering on our promise of world-class customer service and safety, continuing to be innovative in our biohazard remediation practices and procedures, and expanding our nationwide footprint.

Mission Statement

We believe no one should have to suffer the process of cleaning after a traumatic event. Therefore, as the industry leader in biohazard remediation, the mission of Aftermath is to relieve the customer’s burden by providing compassionate, customer-focused, conscientious care in the delivery of our services, maintaining the highest industry standards, and protecting the safety of our employees and those we serve.

Quality Assistance Each Step of the Way

After over 16 years of experience and thousands of biohazard remediation and crime scene clean-up jobs, we have become the only company offering standardized quality assurance from coast to coast. By researching the best practices of other industries such as healthcare, manufacturing and restoration, we created an innovative and professional cleaning process to deliver hospital-grade sanitation which helps protect your family from dangerous bacteria and bloodborne viruses. In all cases, we strive to meet or exceed all state, local, and federal regulations which affects the work we perform. Furthermore, we carry the highest levels of insurance available. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, and we’ll be here tomorrow to support our promise.

In a recent survey, 1 out of 5 police officers and detectives said they recommend crime scene cleaning business to Aftermath, which means they trust us to help victims and survivors begin to put their lives back into order. In turn, Aftermath partners with many of the nation’s top service providers to help families find the additional support they need after experiencing the loss of a loved one. Our Business Lead Exchange Program includes industry leaders in fields such as restoration and construction, carpet cleaning, HVAC/air duct cleaning and funerary services. You can also find local resources on our regional location listing pages.

Though you may feel alone, it’s important to know that you are not.

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