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Recapping the NCHIA Spring Training Conference

Last week, Aftermath attended a Spring Training Conference, hosted by the North Carolina Homicide Investigators Association (NCHIA). The three day long event was held in Hickory, NC. Over 75 sheriffs and state investigators attended. Aftermath’s Senior Manager of Law Enforcement Relations, Mike Webster, represented the company. Only a handful of vendors were featured at the event, allowing Aftermath plenty of opportunity to speak to the officers one-on-one.

What is NCHIA?

According to the North Carolina Homicide Investigators website, the non-profit organization began in 1994, when a working group of agencies came together to investigate a series of homicides. Among their many goals, the group provides homicide investigators an opportunity to exchange information relative to homicide investigations and supports regular training sessions, workshops and special investigative seminars. To learn more about NCHIA, visit their About Me page.

NCHIA hosts two annual conferences each year. This year, the spring conference focused around forensic anthropology, and included seminars on topics like investigative decision making and post-mortem examinations.

A Look at Aftermath’s Visit

At the booth outside the training room, Mike spoke to investigators about the crime scene cleanup process and the benefits of using a professional service provider. He also fielded questions from the officers; many were curious about local coverage and response time. Some detectives expressed concern about an increase in suicides in the North Carolina population; Mike discussed how home owners insurance can be helpful to families who experience these kinds of tragic situations.

And of course there were the giveaways. Mike distributed brochures, air fresheners, water bottles, and other useful products with the company logo. The winner of the grand prize drawing, a $50 Visa Gift Card, was Detective Wootan of the Fayetteville PD.

More Spring Training

When asked about the conference, Mike had this to say: “The attendees and the board were very receptive and thankful for our participation. There was a good vibe, and positive and engaging energy.”

In fact, we enjoyed the North Carolina hospitality (but not the Spring storms!) so much that we’re coming back for another round. If you missed us at NCHIA, stop by and visit the booth at next week’s North Carolina International Association of Identification Conference in Wilmington. We’ll also be making stops in Texas, Wisconsin, and Illinois – so be sure to say hello!

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