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Biohazard cleaning situations such as unattended death cleanup, homicide cleanup, and other trauma scenes can be difficult and dangerous to handle alone. Since 1996, Aftermath has helped thousands of families and businesses across the country and throughout the Los Angeles, California, basin, in cities such as Long Beach, Malibu, Orange County, Santa Barbara, and Pasadena.

Our only business is biohazards and Aftermath’s Los Angeles staff is available to help in a wide variety of specialty cleaning situations, including sanitization of contaminated buildings and cleanup of industrial accidents and mass trauma. We service all of the South Bay and surrounding areas, such as Santa Monica, Torrance, Inglewood, Whittier, Compton, and Fullerton, from Aftermath’s Los Angeles Headquarters at 818 West Seventh Street. Read More

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“Rick and his team worked tirelessly to do a job that, in my opinion, was enormous. They were efficient, hard working, cooperative, and professional in every sense of the word. When I filled out the evaluation report I found that it was simply not extensive enough to express my complete satisfaction with Rick and his team members that merely circling numbers of 1 to 5 does not give it justice. Thank you for a job well done.”

– Roy, Los Angeles, CA

Case Studies of Jobs Performed in the Los Angeles, CA Area

(Santa Cruz, CA)

The suicide of a loved one is a profound loss that causes great grief, pain, and perhaps guilt. When such a tragedy occurs in a family home, the death scene can intensify these feelings and prolong the grieving process. That’s why it is imperative that a home is professionally restored to normalcy so that it can facilitate healthy healing.

An Aftermath team was summoned by a family member to a house in Santa Cruz, California, where an elderly man had committed suicide with a gun. The biohazard professionals cleaned up biological fluids near the bed in the master bedroom of the home. They further removed additional blood contamination in the bedding. The tainted materials were safely removed and disposed, and the entire area was sanitized. Aftermath guarantees hospital-grade sanitation and safety levels in all its full scope projects, which means that the affected areas are fully contained and clear of any pathogen or biohazard. In this case, the trauma team was commended for their pleasant demeanor and informative communication with the client.

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