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“The 3 R’s” of Biohazard and Blood Clean Up

Do you know your “3Rs”? No, not reading, writing and arithmetic…we mean RISKS, RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES regarding blood, body fluids and biohazardous materials. Aftermath support public health education through ongoing outreach and education, including materials for use in safety programs.

RISKS: Blood is Never “Just Blood”

Blood, feces, urine and vomit are all considered to be biohazards and should be treated as such. Some jobs are front-line to biohazard risk: law enforcement agents encounter occupational exposures to biological materials daily, via direct interaction with potentially infected individuals or having them in squad cars and facilities.

RIGHTS: Employees: Your Safety is Not Optional

If your employer requires you to clean or be exposed to any biohazard, you should be given protections to lower your risk of contracting an infectious disease or other negative outcome. Anyone with a risk of occupational exposure to blood or biological materials has certain rights to ensure their safety.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Employers, You May Be in Violation

OSHA and most state safety agencies are clear in their regulations and recommendations for mitigating risks in a biohazard situation. Any company whose employees are exposed to blood and biological materials in the course of their employment have certain responsibilities to ensure employee safety.

Biohazard Break Room Posters

Aftermath offers FREE Biohazard Break Room Posters and 3 R’s Educational Brochures for businesses and first responders! Request yours to be mailed, or simply click here to download a printable PDF.

Downloadable Biohazard Break Room Safety Poster

3 R’s Educational Brochures

Do you run a public safety program? Ask us about materials such as our tri-fold brochure detailing the Risks, Rights and Responsibilities that people have in the workplace regarding biohazards. Click here to download a printable PDF.

Biohazard Regulations Brochure

If you are law enforcement, coroner, medical examiner, first responder or other emergency personnel, please contact us about BBP training and PPE kits for your workplace safety programs.

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