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Crime Scene Cleanup Financial Assistance

Did you know that there are state, local and national programs to help crime victims with expenses related to the tragedy?

Biohazard cleanup is just one of many expenses a family may incur. As the nation’s only specialized bioremediation company, Aftermath aims to return your home to a safe, clean state by providing the most comprehensive bio recovery and crime scene cleanup services available, while minimizing your out-of pocket expenses. If you are without insurance and unable to pay for cleanup in full, we offer several options to assist you, including repayment plans and financial hardship discounts.

Nationwide and Local Crime Victim’s Assistance Programs

Almost all states have Victims Assistance Programs that provide social and sometimes financial aid to families who have experienced a traumatic loss. The National Center for Victims of Crime is a nationwide nonprofit organization that advocates for victims’ rights. Their database is one the most comprehensive online resources available, committed to helping victims of crime rebuild their lives. To learn what assistance may be available to you, view their website, check out our local services page, or speak with your client service representative about programs in your area. Here are a few extremely helpful links we like:

National Center for Victims of Crime


National Center for Victims of Crime

Los Angeles County Crime Victims Resources (including helpful PDF of what to do if you’ve been a victim of crime anywhere in the US)

Aftermath Financial Hardship and Discount Programs

No matter what your financial situation, Aftermath is dedicated to providing you with high-quality crime scene cleanup services. Depending on your situation, financial assistance may be possible when third-party funding (from home or life insurance, or victim compensation programs) is unavailable. Discounts are based on a sliding scale corresponding to a percentage of your Annual Household Income and US poverty guidelines. Talk to your client services manager if you believe you qualify.

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