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Aftermath & Law Enforcement:
Partners in Forensic Cleanup

If a friend, family member, or citizen in your community required professional assistance following a traumatic situation, what would you do? Hopefully no one you know will have need of a crime scene cleanup company, but if they do, chances are they will turn to you for assistance and advice.

Aftermath has been a national leader in the crime scene cleanup industry (also called CTS decon) for over 16 years. As “second responders” we take incredible pride in providing high quality service and complete customer satisfaction. While police and law enforcement personnel are aware that crime scene cleaners exist, many do not know that blood cleaning and bio recovery are only some of the services we provide. The vast majority of our work revolves around traumatic events such as suicides, unattended death and accidents at the home or workplace. We also help property owners whose homes are effected by tear gas or hoarding.

Partners in Safety

Often, neighbors or community members who try to assist a grieving family are unaware of the potential risks of bloodborne pathogens and the need for proper personal protective equipment (PPE). Crime scene cleanup companies operate by stringent set of compliance rules, regulations and safety protocols. We are fully insured, and take steps to make sure every cleanup meets hospital grade standards or better.

Aftermath client service representatives are experienced at negotiating with insurance carriers and victim’s assistance organizations to minimize out-of-pocket expenses to the customer. We also offer several low to no cost options for families experiencing financial hardships.

If your department doesn’t have a list of local operators or a vetting process, please review and print out our 28-point compliance checklist.

Request free brochures and informational materials for families using this online form.

Education and Assistance

Aftermath not only cleans homes and businesses; we service all areas where biohazards occur, including police cruisers and jail cells. As a community partner, we also provide education and training resources on the dangers of bio recovery. For more information on the risks of blood cleaning and what you can do to protect yourself, visit our materials request and awareness program page or download or request a copy of our “3 Rs” brochure.

Aftermath understands that police put their lives on the line every day; from time to time we sponsor giveaways and contests like our Annual K9 Contest to recognize you for your service.

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