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Industrial Accident Cleaning Services

National and local companies trust Aftermath for biohazard remediation services, to help minimize business interruption and return them to full safety as quickly as possible. We work with some of the largest retail, municipal, government and industrial organizations in the US for cleanup activities related to workplace injuries, crime and other biohazard situations. They trust Aftermath for professionalism, speed and attention to safety standards for regulatory compliance.

Recently there has been an alarming rise in active shooter incidents at schools, colleges, corporations and other business environments, but in reality tragedies such as industrial accidents, workplace suicides, homicides, and robberies with injuries are thankfully statistically uncommon. For this reason, though, the likelihood of having trained employees on staff who are capable of handling an accident or biohazard blood cleanup when it occurs is also very low.

Sending in janitorial staff is not always advisable in these situations. Viruses such as HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), and measles are prevalent and transmittable via blood or other biological fluids. Aftermath views blood and bio cleanup as a technical job that requires trained professionals, particularly in the workplace or a regulated environment such as schools and municipal buildings. We adhere strictly to OSHA, EPA, and other state and local health and environmental agency regulations, and we comply with all certification, insurance and training requirements. Our supervisors and technicians are trained in Bloodborne Pathogens Control, Respiratory Protection, Personal Protective Equipment, Lockout/Tagout Protocols, Hazardous Communications as well as in the proprietary processes which make up The Aftermath Way. Hiring an industry leader like Aftermath is the best way to minimize risk to your business, while safely and affordably protecting your employees and your customers.

Accidents and Injuries Cleanup in Manufacturing, Commerce and Transportation

Accidents can happen anywhere. Although much of our work is performed in traditional homes or other building structures, Aftermath crews are frequently asked to clean up vehicular and mechanical contamination in manufacturing operations, industrial plants, construction and transportation. We have cleaned and sanitized very complex situations involving heavy machinery, buses, cars, semi-trucks, trains and even airplanes. We are fully trained to support all lockout-tagout procedures in facilities and manufacturing operations.

Due to potential health risks from bloodborne pathogens, OSHA regulations require that blood and other biological fluid be cleaned and disposed of in medically approved containers by trained employees wearing personal protective equipment. Most companies don’t have the resources required to properly train or manage their own staff on these important aspects of cleanup, so hiring a professional cleanup company like Aftermath is a cost-effective method of dealing with trauma scene cleanup.

We offer discount programs for commercial contracts, where we are “on call” to help reduce risks for management by responding to critical biohazard situations. We are also hired for proactive sanitization of facilities that are at risk for biohazards and communicable diseases such as MRSA and C-diff. Contact us today to learn more.

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