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Forensic Cleaning Careers:
Are They Right For Me?

Aftermath has dozens of mobile offices nationwide, and we are always hiring forensic cleaners. Crime scene clean-up is demanding work, requiring a varied skill-set that can’t be learned in a classroom.

Many Aftermath technicians come from a construction or restoration background, while others are first responders, law enforcement or even customer service representatives. All of these skills combined are just part of what it takes to work in forensic cleaning. But is a job in biohazard clean-up right for you?

Click here to search our available openings for field and corporate office jobs.

What does Aftermath look for in forensic cleaners?

Because we will teach new employees many of the needed skills, Aftermath seeks forensic cleaning candidates with the following qualities:

Compassion — On the job, field technicians encounter a variety of tragic and difficult circumstances. Our forensic cleaning techs are trained to provide just the right amount of support and reassurance, all while remaining professionally focused on getting the job done right.

Commitment — Aftermath is a team of dedicated “second responders,” so that when a family needs us, we are there. Employees must be willing to support our commitment to service 24/7, 365 days a year.

Stamina — Our techs must be up to the physically challenging nature of forensic cleaning work while wearing personal protective equipment, including a hazmat suit, full face mask with respirator, and several pairs of gloves.

Safety-focused — Above all, our employees must demonstrate considerable attention to detail, problem solving skills, and a willingness to follow proper policies and procedures.

Integrity — All candidates must pass a background check and possess a clean driving record. Aftermath also conducts random drug testing, because our customers trust us with their homes, their safety and their personal property.

In addition to forensic cleaners and field supervisors, Aftermath periodically searches for candidates to critical positions, including marketing, client service representatives, support staff and managers. Most office positions are based out of our corporate headquarters in Aurora, IL. For current openings, view our job listings here.

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