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Aftermath provides professional and compassionate biohazard cleanup services to families and businesses in and around Chicago, Illinois, who have experienced traumatic loss of life through a suicide, homicide or industrial accident. From suburban Chicago crime scene cleanup offices, we deploy mobile response teams to neighborhoods in and around the city, including Highland Park, Oak Lawn, Schaumburg, Naperville, Evanston and South Chicago. Read More


Satisfied Customers in and around Chicago, IL

“The technicians were professional, courteous and made sure that I was updated throughout the entire process. They also took care of filing the claim with my insurance company which took a lot of stress off of me as well. They truly are the leaders in the crime scene clean up industry.”

– Margarita G., Chicago, IL

“I am truly amazed at the incredible job that was done, in such terrible circumstances. The care, compassion and understanding of Sandra and her crew deserves great recognition.”

– Laura Q., Aurora, IL

“I found Aftermath on Google and decided to give them a call. They had a crew at our house within 2 hours. The technicians were wonderful and took care of everything quickly and efficiently. My family could not have done it without them. “

– Steve O., Rockford, IL

Case Studies of Jobs Performed in the Chicago, IL Area

(Chicago, IL)

Industrial, commercial, and construction site accidents present a unique combination of challenges for employees, customers, and property owners. They also represent additional hazards for those tasked with the clean-up. Failure to properly and safely remediate all biological and chemical contaminants may pose serious health risks to both customers and employees. Proper biohazard cleanup is vital to ensure that all traces of the incident are removed; thorough cleaning often includes places that cannot be seen or easily accessed, such as the insides of machinery or complicated structures.

One concerned Chicago company recognized these dangers and contracted with Aftermath to see to the difficult process of cleaning a 35 ft. concrete waste shaft, following an accidental fall of one of their employees. The scene was further complicated by 3-4 inches of rainwater which filled the bottom of the shaft. Blood from the accident victim mixed with the water, contaminating the entire area. Aftermath Technicians helped guarantee a fast return to business by draining and disinfecting the shaft, controlling cross-contamination through meticulous containment procedures, and properly disposing of the wastewater in medically approved receptacles.

(Norridge, IL)

Home intrusions and similar crimes can exact a devastating toll, disrupting a family’s sense of safety and security. Repairing the damage is the responsibility of the victim, and in many cases this can mean more than sweeping up glass and replacing stolen items. In this situation, Aftermath Trauma Specialists were called in to assist a Norridge family with the clean-up of potentially harmful biological and chemical contaminants that were left behind following a break-in.
The intruder entered through a window, shattering the glass and injuring himself as a result. Blood droplets and broken glass were found on the window sill, counter, and kitchen floor, as well as a concrete patio outside the home. Another trail led into the bathroom, and affected several fixtures as well as the tile flooring. Additionally, in order to track the suspect, police dusted for fingerprints in the kitchen and at the point of exit, leaving small quantities of residue spread throughout the home. Aftermath’s swift response time and thorough cleaning process contributed to the homeowner’s peace of mind and helped the family to return to a safer, normal life.

(Buffalo Grove, IL)

For the family affected, dealing with an unattended death can be a grim, taxing experience. In addition to funeral arrangements, juggling the requisite insurance agencies and matters of estate can cause considerable financial and emotional stress. Burdened with these unfamiliar tasks, relatives may overlook the serious health risks that result from decomposition, not to mention potential damage incurred to the property. When remains are left exposed, tissues and fats break down and liquefy. Eventually this liquid evaporates and becomes airborne, attaching to surfaces and leaving behind an unbearable odor. Moreover, dangerous disease-causing bacteria and viruses like E.coli and MRSA can stay viable for many months, even after all visible traces of the death are removed. Professional trauma scene clean-up is the only way to protect against these potent biological hazards. In many cases, homeowner insurance covers the cost of remediation and cleaning, to make a home safe an inhabitable again.

For one Buffalo Grove family, this tragedy became reality when a relative collapsed and passed away alone in a Buffalo Grove condominium. The decedent was discovered two weeks later, and officials recommended Aftermath’s services to assist with the remediation process. Assessment revealed that while biological contamination appeared limited to the bathroom, the odor of decomposition had spread through the unit. Odor is typically caused by the presence of actual biological matter in the air and on surfaces, so it can’t be removed by simply deodorizing or running a HEPA air vacuum alone. The Aftermath biohazard team performed a three-stage bio-wash to effectively disinfect, sanitize, and deodorize the entire condo. Furthermore, Aftermath specialists worked directly with the insurance provider to confirm coverage, thereby saving the family time, money, and worry.

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