San Diego, CA Area Crime Scene & Death Cleanup

Professional & Compassionate Service

When tragedy strikes, many families feel compelled to handle the traumatic aftermath alone. At Aftermath, we provide compassionate care and professional blood and homicide cleanup, suicide cleanup and crime scene cleanup services to communities in and around San Diego, California, including La Jolla, Chula Vista, Pacific Beach, San Marcos, and all the surrounding areas.

Our only business is biohazards, and Aftermath’s compassionate professionals are fully trained in decontaminating blood, bodily fluids and other biological materials, with the strictest adherence to OSHA, DOT and EPA regulations. These biohazards may carry pathogens such as MRSA, HIV, Hepatitis B and C, as well as H1N1 (bird flu) and other communicable diseases. Read More

Aftermath’s highly trained San Diego, CA, crime scene cleaners use proprietary cleaning agents and processes to disinfect, sanitize, and deodorize trauma scenes, unattended deaths, and hoarding situations.

We have strategically located dispatch centers throughout Southern California to provide the fastest in local service. Aftermath offers biohazard cleaning services from Oceanside to Escondido and San Bernardino all the way out to Indio and El Centro.

We provide crime cleanup throughout California 24/7/365.

As soon as we receive your call, a mobile team will be sent immediately, often arriving within a few hours. After completely remediating the scene, our technicians will dispose of all biohazardous materials following local, state and federal laws. We are licensed through California’s Trauma Scene Waste Practitioner Permit to transport and dispose of biohazardous medical waste.

The Aftermath San Diego staff is available to help in a wide variety of trauma cleaning and sanitization situations to clients as far away as Palm Desert, Victorville and Lake Havasu. They are also trained in the soft skills of dealing with emotional situations, and regularly help property owners and families to quickly move past the tragedy. Call now, seven days a week, 24 hours a day, and ask to speak to a supervisor.

Case Studies of Jobs Performed in the San Diego, CA Area

When a man passed away alone in his San Diego, California home, nearly two months passed before he was discovered. Aftermath spoke to a relative, who was concerned that other relatives should not be exposed to the sight of the tragic death scene, and wanted Aftermath to do as much as they could before more family members arrived at the home. Together, the client and technicians came up with a plan to ensure biological fluids were removed and the walls washed and sanitized before the decedents next of kin visited the home.

Odor permeated the home, but the trauma scene itself was limited to a bedroom, where a mattress and personal items, including curtains and bedclothes, were impacted and would require removal. In addition, the hardwood floor of the room was stained by decomposition, and the age of the structure made it difficult to remove. Despite the challenges, Aftermath technicians worked tirelessly to complete the job under the specified time constraints. Following the cleanup, the client commended the technicians for their hard work and professionalism throughout the difficult process.