Crime Scene Cleanup In Massachusetts

Massachusetts’ biohazard & crime scene cleanup specialists

Aftermath provides cleanup services throughout Massachusetts after traumatic situations like unattended death, suicide, and accident/injury. Because we have strategically placed dispatch centers throughout Massachusetts, you can count on Aftermath for quick, efficient service.

We offer services statewide, including in: Worcester, Springfield, Lowell, New Bedford, Brockton, Newton, Lynn & Fall River.

Aftermath Services LLC
Contact Aftermath for professional and certified crime scene cleanup in the state of Massachusetts. A nationwide leader, Aftermath is available 24/7/365.

Local Address
215 Plain Street
Units 3 and 4
Attleborough, MA 02760
(508) 316-7801

155 Federal Street
Suite 700
Boston, MA 02110

Biohazard & Crime scene Cleanup – Massachusetts State Requirements

Vehicle Requirements

  • Manifest must be kept on truck; scale must be on vehicle
  • Easily cleanable, enclosed cargo area, impervious to leaks/spills
  • Permit number, DOT#, address, phone number, Permitted Medical Waste Hauler 3-inch or taller, Biohazard symbol signage
  • Cannot transfer from vehicle to vehicle unless emergency (vehicle breaks down)
  • Vehicle secure when unattended
  • Must deliver to transfer station (shop) or disposal location within 72 hours
  • Only remove bio from vehicle during disposal pickup.

Manifest Requirements

  • Generator name, address, phone, and permit no.
  • Transporter and facility name, address, phone, and permit no.
  • Type and quantity of waste
  • Date collected/date picked-up or delivered

Storage Requirements

  • Transfer station permit required to store

Other Resources

  • Massachusetts Crime Victim Compensation Program
  • For information about statewide victim services call: (617) 727-2200 ext. 2160 visit their website