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Aftermath provides compassionate and professional crime scene remediation services. We service neighborhoods in and around New York City, including Williamsburg, Long Island, Hoboken, and Union City. Our registered mailing address is 111 Eighth Avenue, New York, NY 10011.

Once you place a call or make an online request, Aftermath’s New York crime scene cleaners will be deployed immediately—any time of day or night—for trauma cleaning, homicide cleanup, suicide cleanup or teargas remediation. We dispatch teams to Queens, Bedford-Stuyvesant, the Bronx, Jersey City, Newark, Staten Island, and all the surrounding neighborhoods. Read More

Satisfied Customers in and around New York, New York

“I am humbled by the kindness that Greg showed me on behalf of your company during an extremely devastating time. His compassion, generosity and willingness to work with me was just amazing. He is a true asset to your company. The team of Kevin, John, and Chris (out of Pittsburgh) that came to do the work were true men of honor and professional. The work they did allowed me to be able to go back into my apartment. I cannot thank you all enough for your kindness professionalism and true compassion for your customers in a time of need. If ever a situation arises for your specialty, please know I will recommend you seven times over. Thank you again.”

– Kay W., New York

“I would like to comment on Matthew Boland and the way he handled the cleanup at my home. Matt was the best service provider I have ever dealt with. His obvious knowledge of his trade, along with his caring and respectful demeanor make him a true asset for your company. Because of Matt I would recommend Aftermath to anyone without hesitation. Thank you.”

– Mike B., New York

“Superb team of people who were incredibly compassionate and thoughtful. They all worked tirelessly, efficiently and explained the whole process very well. Thank you for making the last couple of days easier through a very difficult time for the family. We really appreciate your hard work.”

– A.S., Warwick, New York

Case Studies of Jobs Performed in the New York, New York Area

(New York, New York)

Though every death scene is a tragedy, each situation has its own unique complications. The condition of the home or location where the death occurred, and the type of structural materials affected, can all impact the remediation process. In one case, Technicians working at a hotel encountered problematic popcorn ceilings, a textured ceiling type frequently used in hotel and commercial structures for its clean appearance and noise reducing properties. Not only are the nooks and crannies of popcorn ceilings difficult to clean, but they may also contain dangerous asbestos.

Aftermath will not touch a popcorn ceiling until asbestos testing is completed, even if bio matter is present. While testing is conducted by a licensed provider, Aftermath technicians establish a containment barrier 12 inches down from the ceiling to prevent an accidental disturbance of possible asbestos materials. If test results are negative, Aftermath will proceed with normal remediation procedures. If the test is positive, an asbestos abatement service must be retained to handle the cleanup.

Fortunately in this situation, the results were negative and Aftermath technicians were able to continue the remediation, which included scraping the ceiling to eliminate biological contaminants. In the end, the hotel management expressed their gratitude for the supervisor’s detailed and knowledgeable updates, which kept them informed throughout the entire process.

Aftermath Services
September 15th, 2014

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