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Call Aftermath for crime scene cleanup, death cleanup, suicide cleanup, or trauma cleanup in neighborhoods in and around Madison, Wisconsin, including Orchard Ridge, Clarendon Hills, Marquette, Eastmorland and all the surrounding areas, such as Fitchburg, Sun Prairie, and other suburbs.

Our only business is biohazards, and for almost 20 years, we have helped people through trauma with compassionate care and a focus on scene cleanup, tear gas remediation, and hoarding cleanup services. Aftermath’s highly trained field technicians are experienced in handling emotional traumas, and use proprietary processes and cleaning solutions to properly disinfect bloodborne pathogens, such as HIV, MRSA and H1N1 (bird flu). After completely remediating the scene to prevent further damage and odors, we transport and dispose of any biohazardous materials according to applicable local, state and federal laws. Read More

Satisfied Customers in and around Madison, WI

“Jim and his crew were very professional and performed a very difficult task within a very short period of time.”

– Ed, Janesville, WI

“Very awesome & outstanding service & personalities. Much appreciated in this time of life. Thank you very much.”

– Carol, Redgranite, WI

Case Studies of Jobs Performed in the Madison, WI Area

(Madison, WI)

When a tenant dies in an apartment building, many property owners understand that they are legally responsible for the remediation of the death scene. Fortunately, many insurance policies are able to help defray some of the cleanup costs. Such was the case when a man died in the living room of his Madison apartment. The building owner contacted Aftermath, and a biohazard team was dispatched to the site. The team safely removed a couch and carpeting from the apartment, disassembling the large furniture and placing the contaminated materials in medically approved biohazard receptacles. Finally, cleaning and sanitizing the unit made it safely habitable for the next tenants.

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If you or someone you know was a victim of a crime, Aftermath has collected some resources to help guide you through this process.

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