2019 Aftermath Safety and Training Contest

Safety and Training Contest

Enter the 2019 Aftermath Safety and Training Contest for a chance to win up to $5,000 in funding for your safety and training programs and to win personal protective equipment (PPE) kits for you and your department.


February 25
Contest Begins
March 29
Contest Ends
April 3
Winners Announced

What We're Giving Away


6 Agency Winners

  • $10,000 total funds awarded
  • Can be used for a variety of safety and training programs
  • 300 total PPE kits awarded

300 PPE Kits awarded


We are awarding PPE Kits to


individual winners.

* Each of the 6 winners will receive PPE kits for their department. We will be awarding a maximum of 50 PPE kits to each winning department.

Fill out the appropriate form below. You can enter both as a department and as an individual.


Submit a 2-minute video or complete an essay that clearly communicates how the funding and PPE Kits will impact your department and/or the local community you serve.


You may enter on a DAILY BASIS for the individual prize.

Entry Form

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  • 2019 Aftermath Safety and Training Contest

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Video or Essay Prompt

First responders and officers work on the frontlines of active shooters, crime, and accident situations, where they regularly come in contact with blood and other biological materials. Tell us how you and your department will use the safety training funds and the PPE kits to protect yourselves, and more importantly, protect the community at large.

What is your greatest area of need for safety training?

  • How would you use the funding to help your officers or first responders protect themselves?
  • How would the PPE kits impact your ability to serve your community?

If submitting a video:

  • Please submit in a .mp4, .wmv or .mov file format.
  • Video should be no longer than 2 minutes.

If submitting an essay:

  • Please write the essay in Microsoft Word or related file format.
  • Please include photos of your team in the Word document.
  • Essay should be 100-500 words.

Sample Essay Submission

My name is Joel Thomas with the Bethany Police Department. I am the chief of police for a crew of 25 officers. We also work closely with local first responders at crime scenes. We are in need of a safety training program for our entire department to ensure procedural alignment between seasoned officers and newer officers straight out of the academy.

I also know that the first responders in our community are also in need of new PPE Kits to protect themselves as the first individuals to respond to a crime scene. However, because of recent budget cuts, our teams cannot afford effective training and new kits. We believe that we can better serve our community with access to a comprehensive safety training program for our officers and PPE Kits for our frontline colleagues.

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