9 Creative Ways to Honor the Memory of a Loved One

wide shot of old gravestones in a graveyard

9 Creative Ways to Honor the Memory of a Loved One

Pain and grief—they are normal reactions to significant loss. But while the grieving process is unique to the individual in terms of intensity and duration, there are some things that can be done to ease the pain. Honoring a loved one after they pass can be a therapeutic process for families and friends of the deceased. Not only can honoring the memory of a loved one help you continue forward in life, but it ensures the emotional connection with your loved one remains even after their death.

“The sun can break through the darkest cloud; love can brighten the gloomiest day.” – William Arthur Ward

9 Ideas for Honoring a Loved One

  • Give Away Books – Honor your loved one’s memory by sharing their beloved books with others. Write a message inside the cover so readers can appreciate the significance of the books.
  • Glass Cremation Keepsakes – Turn your loved one’s cremated remains into a work of art.
  • Funeral Flowers to Beautiful Jewelry – What do people do with all of the flowers at the end of a funeral? How about transform those flowers into a rosary or a bracelet?
  • Motorcycle Enthusiast? – Traditionally, your loved one’s last ride is spent in a hearse. But what if they were a collector or just loved motorcycles? You can turn their last ride into a lasting memory for loved ones.
  • Underwater Memorials – Was your loved one an avid scuba diver or just loved the sea? Now you can have their cremated remains made into an artificial coral reef and laid on the ocean floor.
  • Tattooing with Cremated Remains – Have you ever wanted to pay tribute to someone by getting a tattoo? Now you can make it even more personal. A number of tattoo establishments have started mixing cremated remains with their ink as a more impactful way to honor your loved one.
  • Memory Bears – Have you ever wondered what to do with all of the clothes left behind after someone dies? Why not have them made into a teddy bear or a pillow?
  • Give Back – One of the best ways to teach children (or anyone, really) about honoring a loved one is by giving back to the community, allowing their legacy to carry on and pay it forward to those who need it most. Encouraging them to help neighbors with routine tasks — such as shoveling the driveway or raking leaves — will not only teach them hard work and community service, but what it means to be a positive force in society.
  • Plantable Memorial CardsPlant these in a place where you can see them every day and remember all of the memories you made with your loved one.

Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Help

Finding ways to honor your loved one’s memory, and giving a purpose to your pain are helpful steps toward peace. Reach out to your relatives and friends for support in your efforts to memorialize those who have passed. If you’re struggling with the grieving process, reach out to a compassionate and qualified counselor for help and support.

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