Aftermath Attends Mid-Year Vendor Expo With Tennessee Association of Chiefs of Police

Tennessee Assoc. of Chiefs of Police with PPE Kit.

Last week, the Tennessee Chiefs of Police (TACP) hosted their Mid-Year Vendor Expo in Franklin, TN. The event encourages chiefs and other law enforcement to get familiar with service providers in the Midwest. Representing Aftermath at this year’s expo was Rodney Tower, Aftermath’s Senior Law Enforcement Manager for the region.

Helping Families Nationwide

In just a single afternoon, more than 100 chiefs, officers, and other law enforcement staff visited the Aftermath booth to speak with Rodney about the benefits of biohazard cleanup. Many attendees had already heard of Aftermath; a good number of them had even referred the company to families in their jurisdiction. For those who were new to the concept of professional crime scene cleaning, the event offered a great opportunity to build awareness and explain how Aftermath helps families in need throughout the state of Tennessee.

Event goers were especially interested in learning how the company works with a family’s insurance to provide the best possible care and service. “Other questions were about our shop location and our area of service,” Rodney related. “Our Tennessee shop is situated in Memphis, which helps us provide timely cleanup to families throughout the state.”

Focused Expo

The TACP Vendor Expo is just a single day event, where police are focused solely on learning about new products and services. As a result, there was plenty of information on hand for the Chiefs to bring home and share with their departments. In addition, Aftermath featured an assortment of giveaways; magnets, notepads, and water bottles were just a few of the items on hand. The company also hosted a giveaway at the booth, and contributed a door prize to the event. Lt. Barry Russell of the Hendersonville Police Department was one of this year’s winners.

Thank You to TACP

The generous southern hospitality of the Tennessee Association of Chiefs of Police makes this event one of Aftermath’s yearly favorites. Rodney explained: “It was my first time attending the vendor expo, but I can see why we’ve made it a regular part of our conference schedule. The members are gracious and are quick to thank us for supporting TACP and the people of Tennessee. There is plenty to discuss, and everyone is actively engaged in discovering new ways to help their communities. I look forward to visiting again in 2019.”

Aftermath is a proud supporter of TACP and other police and law enforcement organizations nationwide. Keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook to learn where the Aftermath booth set up next!