Working With Law Enforcement: An Interview with Senior Manager of Law Enforcement Relations, Rodney Tower

Close up of cop car lights with fire truck in foreground.

Celebrating his first work anniversary this spring, Retired Detective Rodney Tower is Aftermath’s Senior Law Enforcement Manager overseeing the Southeastern part of the US. With an extensive background in law enforcement, Aftermath is thrilled to announce Rodney will also be providing his expertise to Alabama and Mississippi in the coming months. On today’s blog, learn more about Rodney and his work as a former police officer and as a member of the Aftermath team:

A Life in Law Enforcement

Rodney’s career in law enforcement spans 27 years; last year he retired as a Homicide Detective from the St. Petersburg Police Department (FL). During his time with the St. Petersburg PD, he spent 7 years as a Homicide Detective and 3 years as a Burglary Detective. He also served as a Field Training Officer, Community Policing Officer, SWAT Team member and Patrol Officer.

With all of his experience, it’s no wonder Rodney refuses to take his recent retirement lying down. After meeting members of the Aftermath team at a conference and discovering more about the business, he made plans to join Aftermath almost immediately after leaving the force. Additionally, he remains Vice President on the Board of Directors for the National Homicide Investigators Association.

“Now that I’m retired and working with Aftermath, I have a chance to get out and meet other agencies, while providing a valuable service that both officers and customers need to know about. Aftermath has been around for over 20 years, but many families still do not know that professional biohazard cleaning is an option. Providing that information to law enforcement is critically important to solving a problem that many victims face.”

As an investigator, Rodney said the question of who to call to manage a crime scene comes up frequently; in some cases, even officers are unaware that there are businesses that provide professional cleanup services. “What do I do now? Who do I call? These are all things we hear in law enforcement, and it feels good to be the one who is able to provide that answer.”

New Year, New States

In the past month, Rodney has worked specifically to spread that message to officers and communities in the states of Alabama and Mississippi. In these areas, as in many parts of the US, officers are not permitted to make referrals. They can, however, provide families with options: “It’s certainly harder to get the information out, but we work to help officers better understand the value of professional biohazard cleanup. We encourage them to make sure they are providing answers and information, even if it’s a list of providers. We ensure they’re educated, even if they can’t give out our name.”

Rodney says that the most enjoyable part of his new job is traveling and meeting fellow officers. Furthermore, his background allows him to speak to officers and understand their needs and concerns. “Police can be hesitant to trust a business that doesn’t speak their language. Having former law enforcement on staff speaks highly to the quality of Aftermath’s services. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t believe strongly that there is a need for what we do.”

Moreover, Rodney recognizes that officers are very busy; getting the much-needed face time with them can prove challenging. Conferences serve a vital purpose, as do Aftermath contests such as the K9 Competition and the Annual PPE Contest. “Awareness programs like our contests make us more approachable and familiar,” he reports. “The officers recognize the name and the company’s involvement in the community. They understand that we care about the families as they do.”

Continuing His Mission

In the next year, Rodney hopes to emphasize the company’s message and provide services to additional families in areas where biohazard cleaning was previously unheard of. “One of the things I enjoy most about retirement is that I can continue to help others and provide resources to victims and their families. In some ways, It’s similar to the mission I’ve always had. ”

A New Career Awaits You

Aftermath is always on the lookout for those whose skills and expertise involve compassion, care, and dedication. Many of our employees have backgrounds in Law Enforcement, Military, and Death Care Services. To view open positions nationwide, please visit us at