Aftermath Customer Reviews – Hoarding in Boston


Back in July, Aftermath received a customer review from Jane P., an employee with a suburban Boston housing agency. Jane commended Aftermath’s assistance with a hoarding situation: “Just want to let you know how happy our lady was today when she came home to her newly cleaned house! I’ve never seen her smile so much, she was thrilled with how her belongings were handled and placed so carefully. She went room to room and said it was the way her house used to be. When I left her she was sitting on her front porch like she used to years ago, with a huge smile on her face. Made my day! Thanks for everything.”

In addition to crime scene cleanup and other forms of trauma cleaning, Aftermath routinely helps hoarders and their families reclaim their homes from the damaging effects of hoarding. Far too familiar for some, this scenario is commonplace across the US, in rural communities, inner city areas, and quiet suburban environments. Men, women, Rich or poor, old or young, it is a form of mental illness that doesn’t discriminate.

Hoarding falls under the category of obsessive-compulsive disorder, but that may soon change. New research is learning that hoarding may be a special disorder completely separate from OCD. Thanks to television shows like TLC’s Hoarders: Buried Alive, hoarding has received more attention in the media than it has in past decades. Unfortunately, not all of this is good; shame and embarrassment are commonly part of what leads a hoarder to avoid seeking help.

In other instances, the hoarder is incapable of recognizing their situation as a problem at all. They may damage friendships and other relationships, and risk their own health to maintain their collection. One hoarder in Connecticut recently died when the first floor of her home collapsed under the weight of all her possessions. Realistically, fears of legal repercussions and social stigmatization are still realistic; in extreme cases, hoarders have lost their homes, and faced fines or even jail time.

When it comes to beginning the cleanup process, hoarders experience a variety of emotions, ranging from depression to anger. One critical aspect of assisting a hoarder is recognizing the struggles they face as they attempt to restore balance and return to a normal life. While it may look like junk to an outsider, hoarders impart objects with personal significance, which can make parting with even a single item difficult to bear. However, with support from family and friends, professional behavioral therapy, and assistance from a caring and compassionate biohazard cleanup company like Aftermath, hoarders stand a good chance of recovery. By returning the home to a safe, sanitary state, Aftermath helps the hoarder

Our technicians were delighted to hear from Jane as she described her client’s reaction. Our crews are proud of the work they do, and though most of the cases we see are the result of a tragedy, it is rewarding to hear that we can be a part of a family’s positive solution. Aftermath customer reviews and feedback are one of the ways we know that we’re providing the best service possible.

For assistance with hoarding cleanup, around Boston or nationwide, contact Aftermath directly at 877-872-4339. If you’re already a customer and would like to tell us about your experience, please fill out our convenient online feedback form.