Aftermath Customer Reviews – Building Professional Partnerships

26297-cooperation-handshakeAftermath customer reviews are an important part of our business. It’s one way we know that we are providing the best in customer satisfaction, no matter how difficult or stressful the job. Our technicians are dedicated to compassionate, quality crime scene cleanup; it’s what our customers have come to expect when they call us in the middle of the night, at 3AM, or whenever a crisis occurs.

Fortunately, most of our clients only have need of our service once. But for the businesses and organizations who work with traumatic situations every day, Aftermath can be an invaluable resource. Funeral homes, law enforcement agencies, first responders, and home restoration companies are just a few of the kinds of businesses we encounter on a regular basis. When another company or professional refers a customer to Aftermath, they are trusting us to live up to the high standards they set for themselves. Some of our best compliments and reviews come from those who have seen the work we do first hand, time and time again.

One funeral home director in Pennsylvania recently commented: “I can’t thank you enough for what you company does and how it does it. Unfortunately, I have used your services three times recently; once for a suicide by shotgun and twice for long term unattended deaths. Both times your company responded within hours and when they were finished the scene was spotless, odorless and free from any biohazard. And it was done in a very professional and courteous manner. The families were so grateful and all three times insurance paid the claims with nothing out-of-pocket for the families we served. I remember when it was the duty of the funeral director to clean after a tragedy or unattended death; I am so thankful for your business. Feel free to use me as a reference for any funeral home in doubt.”

Not only do our business partners understand the importance of our work; they are also familiar with the serious nature of what we do. Providing added peace of mind by helping families and companies recover and protect their home after an unexpected death, hoarding situation, or outbreak of contagious illness, Aftermath prides itself on being the company other businesses trust with their customers.

When you refer your customer to another business, we believe you are putting your name on the line as well. To thank our referral partners for their trust, we’ve created a program that makes the referral process easier, and helps to support their business, too. If you own or work for a business that handles home restoration or after-death care, you may be interested in our Referrer Partner Program.

And if you’re already an Aftermath customer or partner and wish to share your experience, submit your testimonial with this handy form. We’d love to hear from you!