Attending the Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police Annual Conference

Close up of cop car lights with fire truck in foreground.

Aftermath’s Senior Manager of Law Enforcement Relations, Tony Cusinato, rounded out a busy month of conferences at a small event in Colorado Springs. Hosted by the Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police, it was Aftermath’s first time attending the 3 day event. “It was great to be able to support the organization,” said Tony. Read on to learn more about the mission of the Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police and their annual conference:

what is the CACP?

The central mission of the CACP is to promote “integrity, loyalty, and honesty” among those in law enforcement by working closely with community groups, legislators, the media, private business, and other law enforcement organizations. CACO also encourages training and support for the professional development of law enforcement personnel at all levels – specifically training that is considered high in quality, affordable and frequently available. The CACP is divided into 5 regions and includes members from throughout the state of Colorado.

in the vendor hall at CACP 

With a planned schedule of activities, there was little time to get settled before jumping right in. However, Tony said the members and the organizers went out of their way to make certain everyone felt welcomed. Most attendees were Colorado police chiefs or other police officials. The structure of the conference meant that attendees had several breaks, during which they could visit with Aftermath and other vendors.

Tony expressed that the conference provided Aftermath with an opportunity to make new contacts and introduce them to the company in a low-pressure setting: “When the chiefs learned what we do, they expressed appreciation for the services we provide. Most LE professionals understand that a grieving family will be concerned about cost, so they asked many questions pertaining to how we work with insurance companies. It was great to be able to provide them with more information on our approach.”

Aftermath also gave away a door prize: a 5.11 tactical bag and PPE kit. The winner’s list wasn’t available at the end of the conference, but we’d like to say congratulations to them in any case!

Giving our support to Law enforcement

As always, Aftermath is proud to support law enforcement nationwide. That’s why we are sponsoring exciting events like this summer’s Why We Serve service grant and making the rounds to meet more officers and other members of law enforcement from coast to coast.

We have many more conferences planned this summer, so if you’re attending an event, be sure to look for us. In the meantime, if you are in need of marketing materials or other information for your department, visit our website.