Beyond Hoarding Cleanup: How Hoarding Impacts Families

When Parents Hoard, Children Are Often Left Picking Up the Pieces

For children of hoarders, life at home can be a dismal undertaking. Not only is an overly cluttered home unpleasant to live in, it can also pose many health risks to inhabitants. This is especially true for children, who may be more susceptible to illness and injury when living in a home with parents who hoard.

In this event, it may be up to the children of hoarders to initiate counseling and cleaning services for the benefit of the whole family. The following information can provide insight on how to deal with a hoarder, which is essential for families to establish a safe and happy home once again.

Hoarding Is a Psychological Affliction

While it may seem increasingly frustrating, one must remember that hoarding is a psychological affliction first and foremost. This means the behaviors of hoarders will not always make sense to those around them, especially younger children who simply want to live in a “normal” home.

Try to consider the situation from the hoarder’s perspective. Perhaps these hoarding tendencies were brought about by a traumatic episode? Or maybe they are a symptom of a serious mental illness such as PTSD or schizophrenia? In these cases, the underlying issue must be dealt with to ensure a newly cleaned home doesn’t soon again become cluttered.

Open Communication and Compromise Is Key

Life can often be hectic for families, especially in hoarding situations. As a result, the wants and needs of children within a home may go unmet by preoccupied parents. That is why it is essential for children to communicate with their parents openly about the state of their home.

This may entail insisting upon an untouched area of the home to serve as a ‘refuge’ for children. A child’s room can be a great starting point, as well as other areas where children may spend a great deal of time. When having these discussions, speaking frankly about the living situation is the best course of action. However, both parties should refrain from becoming angry, as this can only serve to complicate matters further

Counseling May Be Required

Because hoarding tendencies are almost always connected to underlying psychological issues, counseling may be required for all parties in the home, as well as those family members who are willing to assist them. In some cases, an objective observer may be able to offer insights to parents unable or unwilling to see the harm their hoarding is having on those they love.

Counseling can also be beneficial to the children of hoarders because it helps them to understand why their parents are behaving in such way. This is particularly important for those children who may feel guilty about their living situation, which can have a significant impact on their relationships with friends and acquaintances.

Break the Hoarding Cycle With Assistance from Aftermath

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