Death Cleanup Company Visits TFDA and IFDA Conferences

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Last week, Aftermath was busy attending a few early summer conferences. The funeral home industry is one that is important to us; like Aftermath technicians, directors are also “second responders.” They are the experts grieving families turn to when a death occurs. They provide specialized services, and refer their clients to other trusted businesses when necessary. As a nationwide death cleanup company, Aftermath works with funeral homes to provide customers with suicide cleanup, homicide cleanup and other crime scene cleanup and other specialty cleaning services.

Aftermath Visits Texas

The Texas Funeral Directors Association hosted their yearly meeting in the Dallas area May 31st-June 5th, and Aftermath was on hand to talk to attendees about the importance of after death cleanup. Three Aftermath employees in attendance were Carolyn Pelkowski (Marketing Manager), Leanne Carter (Marketing Coordinator), and Sierra Douglas (Dallas Area Supervisor). Though traffic in the vendor’s hall was slower than expected, the team made the best of it and were able to spend quality time with interested attendees. Interestingly, Aftermath was the only biohazard company at the conference.

The employees gave away promotional items such as air fresheners, and attendees could enter a drawing for a Kindle Fire. “There were many interesting folks at this conference,” Pelkowski reported. “There was the Funeral Director that walked around in different outfits on stilts (Presidential and Circus themes).” She described him as 12 feet tall. Apparently his sideshow act is something he does for charity. “We also met the inventor of the Body Scoop, which is a mechanical lift that “scoops” a body from a table into a casket, with very little manual labor needed.” There were also a number of students visiting from The Dallas Institute of Funeral Services. The Aftermath booth was located across from a company that sold Cadillac Hearst vehicles. Says Carolyn: “They are quite the cars!”

The conference hall is near the Texas Rangers stadium so attendees had the opportunity to attend a game on a few nights of the conference. Furthermore, on Tuesday the TFDA hosted a welcome reception by the pool of the hotel. While not at the conference, Sierra took the corporate marketing team on a tour of the city and the local Aftermath shop. Her expertise and knowledge gave Carolyn and Leanne insight on the area, and provided first hand feedback from a supervisor’s perspective.

Although TFDA was not a large show, Aftermath made a few good contacts and had the opportunity to get the Aftermath brand name out. Some attendees were unaware that companies like Aftermath existed, while others had not only heard the Aftermath name, but had positive feedback about their own experiences.

IFDA Conference in Indianapolis, IN

Also last week, Bryan Reifsteck, Aftermath’s Director of National Commercial Account Development, attended the Indiana Funeral Directors Association Conference in Indianapolis, IN. Because the National Funeral Director’s Association meeting is also being hosted in Indiana this year, the conference was much smaller than usual, but the overall reception was very positive. Bryan discussed the benefits of professional death scene cleanup and offered conference goers the chance to win a Kindle Fire. Robert Cottrell of Cottrell (Gooch) Funeral Home in Rosedale, IN was announced as the winner.

Several directors reported referring their clients to Aftermath, and feeling good about the feedback. Coincidentally, while Bryan was there, one of the attendees received a call for a suicide cleanup!

Helping Directors Help Families

Attending events like these gives Aftermath the opportunity to connect directly with industry leaders who are on the front lines, caring for grieving families like we are, each and everyday. As a biohazard cleanup company, Aftermath is proud to partner with funeral homes across the nation. If you are a funeral director or other death care professional and are looking for an honest, reliable cleaning company to refer your clients to, please call us directly at 630-256-8587 for more information.

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