Aftermath Visits the Connecticut Police Chiefs Association 2019 Public Safety Expo

CPCA 2019 Conference Prize Winner Tonya Nelson of Southern CT State University PD

Last week, Aftermath spent the day speaking with Connecticut Police Chiefs and their command staff at the annual Public Safety Expo, hosted by the Connecticut Police Chiefs Association. Ben Dirks of Aftermath’s Marketing Team was on hand to answer questions and provide materials on the subject of biohazard cleanup.

Ben stated that numerous attendees had positive things to say about Aftermath. “Many of the Chiefs are not only familiar with our company – they said that we are the only ones they trust to service their own facilities. It’s the best kind of compliment we can receive.”

In addition to sharing knowledge and conversation with CPCA members, Ben also gave away a booth prize: a 5.11 tactical bag with PPE kit. The winner was Administrative Assistant Tonya Nelson of the Southern Connecticut State University Police Department.

About Aftermath 

The CPCA Public Safety Expo is just one of the many conferences Aftermath attends each year. It is always a pleasure and a privilege to meet the professionals who work tirelessly to assist our friends, neighbors, and communities. We are ever grateful for the opportunities we have to get to know you, and we look forward to meeting even more of you during this conference season. To learn more about our programs and how we are actively supporting officers like you, visit our webpage for law enforcement.