Coping with Death through Memorials

Dealing with death is never easy, but when the circumstances of a loved one’s passing are violent or unexpected, the associated emotions can be increased. A life that ends too soon is tragic, and dealing with such a tragedy may the hardest thing any of us will ever have to face. Here at Aftermath, we’re known primarily for trauma cleanup services, which include cleaning after death. We’ve seen firsthand the hurt that people feel when someone they love dies. Too often, that hurt lingers. If you’ve recently experienced the death of a friend or family member, you know all too well how easily these feelings can take hold. While there certainly isn’t a handbook on how you should grieve, there are certain ways that have proven to help lift peoples’ spirits while also honoring the deceased.

Handling an Unexpected Death

According to therapists and other experts, one key to overcoming your grief is to remain active. Shutting yourself in only allows you more time to ponder your loss. While staying active in work, with your family, and in the community isn’t meant to drive all feelings you have regarding the death of your loved one away, it does serve to remind you of the joys of everyday life and the times you happily shared.
Channeling that energy into a memorial for the one you lost is a positive way of handling the situation. While your loved one’s life may have ended, that doesn’t mean they no longer have an impact. Consider the following activities you can engage in to properly honor a recently deceased loved one:

  •  Start a drive in his or her name: Whether it’s a food drive to help feed the hungry or a clothing drive to donate to a local thrift store or shelter, giving back helps honor a generous spirit.
  • Increase awareness surrounding his or her death: In those instances where a death is occurs suddenly, friends and family may become painfully aware of preventative measures that could have helped to keep their loved one alive. Use his or her memory as a rallying cry to initiate change so others can avoid experiencing a similar tragedy.
  • Collect donations for charity: Recent trends indicate that accepting donations in lieu of flowers at memorial services is an increasingly popular way of promoting good will while honoring the deceased. Making a donation help create a positive memory to associate with an otherwise tragic event.
  • As a final note, our lost loved ones would not want us to dwell on their passing. No matter how devastating, death can encourage us to celebrate life and the positive impact one life can have on others. What better way to celebrate your friend or relative’s life than by expressing your love and helping others?

Aftermath is concerned with helping families start down the road to healing by providing quality professional death cleanup and other trauma cleaning services. If a death has occurred in your home, please give us a call at 877-872-4339. Our caring, compassionate technicians are on hand 24/7 to provide assistance when and where you need it.