National Crime Victims’ Rights Week is Here

April 18–24, 2021 marks the 40th Anniversary of Crime Victims’ Rights Week. Aftermath Services is joining the Office of Victims Crimes (OVC) in its effort to inspire local communities and to raise awareness of victims’ rights by promoting this year’s NCVRW theme—Support Victims. Build Trust. Engage Communities. 


Crime Victim Compensation & Resources

Crime victim compensation is a government program that provides financial assistance to victims of violent crimes and their families. Every state has a crime victim compensation program, though benefits, eligibility, and application vary by state. Below are resources that may be of assistance:


Join Aftermath Services in raising awareness of victims’ rights and services, highlighting programs, celebrating progress achieved, and honoring victims and the professionals who serve them.


About Our Biohazard Remediation Services

When accidents or traumas involving blood and other biohazards occur, Aftermath is here to provide professional cleanup services, ensure disease outbreaks are contained, and keep you, your family or your business safe.