Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Can Have Numerous Effects on Victims

Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) typically occurs as the result of an extremely troubling event. This disorder is characterized by panic responses triggered by memories or reminders of said event, which occur without warning. In essence, people experiencing PTSD re-live the traumatic experience to some extent when reminded of what occurred.

PTSD can be caused by a number of circumstances, from car accidents to natural disasters, as well as violent attacks and crimes. While many situations are now understood to cause the disorder, it was originally associated with returning war veterans struggling to cope with the many disturbing events that took place on the battlefield.

Effects of PTSD

While PTSD typically causes immense panic in sufferers, symptoms may also include depression and irritability. Because triggers can be found in a number of places and situations, those afflicted may take great pains to avoid unpredictable situations, including interpersonal relationships and new environments, which may induce a panicked response.

For the friends and loved ones of victims, PTSD is deeply worrisome. Some victims may become aggressive during episodes, while others tend toward anxious or depressive behavior. Because responses range from person to person, dealing with PTSD is a difficult process for all involved.

Methods of Coping

Though it is challenging to move on from tragic events, there are quite a few ways to cope when dealing with the emotional after-effects of a distressing experience. Counseling is the most highly recommended method of managing PTSD and other psychological disorders. In some cases, medication may also be prescribed.

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