Sample Funeral Program: How To Memorialize A Loved One

sample funeral program of an old woman

Sample Funeral Program: Memorializing A Deceased Loved One

Losing a loved one can be one of the hardest things to go through in life. It is only natural that you would want to give a proper send-off through a heartfelt, beautiful funeral with family and friends of the deceased. However, organizing a funeral can also lead to additional stress during emotional times, so we’ve put together a guide of funeral program essentials to help.

What Should a Funeral Program Include?

A funeral program is important to help family and friends navigate through the funeral or memorial service and is a reference document that lists the order of service. It can also serve as a keepsake to remember a loved one – a way to share their obituary and special photos.

Important elements of a funeral program are:

  1. Special Cover (Photo(s) or Meaningful Theme)
  2. Inside Left (Poem, Quote, or Scripture)
  3. Inside Right (Order of Service)
  4. Back (Obituary or Thank You Note)

What Should a Funeral Program Look Like?

Funeral programs should be unique and reflect the personality and distinctive taste of the loved one. Below is an easy-to-follow template for creating a personalized funeral program:

Special Cover

  1. Meaningful theme (flowers, doves, cross, tractors, etc.) or photos (typically 1 to 3 photos) that reflect the deceased.
  2. Name of deceased, birth and death dates, where the service is held, and start time of the service.

Inside Left

  1. Share a favorite poem or quote from your loved one or one that they loved.
  2. Alternatively, share their obituary.

Inside Right

  1. List out the order of service.
      • Opening song
      • Prayer/welcome message
      • Scripture reading
      • Optional song
      • Sermon/eulogy
      • Scripture reading
      • Song
      • Closing prayer/remarks
      • Dismissal

Alternatively, list key information.

      • Name of deceased
      • Dates of birth and death
      • Where the funeral is and what time it starts
      • Who the officiant is
      • List pallbearers and/or honorary pallbearers
      • Who the vocalists or speakers will be
      • Where the burial will be


    1. Share the obituary (if not listed on the inside left panel).
    2. Thank you note from the family.


Here are some photo examples of well-laid-out funeral programs:


sample funeral program of an old man

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