When the Unthinkable Happens: Aftermath Partners with Directors to Help Families

Aftermath has been assisting Funeral Directors across the country and the families they work with for more
than 19 years. Aftermath is deeply committed to assisting families who are stunned by tragedies in their
homes. When the unthinkable events occur, one of the last things families think to ask is…

“Who will help me clean up my home?”

There is quite a bit of confusion surrounding home remediation services. Many Directors are under the impression that the police will provide a recommendation for cleanup while law enforcement believes that the coroner or medical examiner will handle it.  The truth is, in too many cases, the family is given little guidance and are not sure where to turn. Despite a growing awareness of trauma and crime scene cleanup, most people don’t know when to call a professional. And many do not even know that professional cleaning companies exist.

Recently, one director encountered this very situation while helping a family with the loss of an elderly relative. The relative went undiscovered in his residence for several weeks following his passing. When the local police department contacted the family, they advised that the home might be difficult to enter due to the circumstances surrounding their relative’s death.

At the time, officials did not offer any suggestions on how the family might treat the property so they could safely enter.  However, when the family contacted the funeral director to make arrangements and explained the circumstances, he recognized immediately that a cleanup would be necessary before he or the family could enter the premises. Having worked with Aftermath in the past, he referred the family to this trusted partner.

Working with the director, Aftermath promptly responded to assist in remediating the home and eliminating any serious health risks and lingering odors. In addition to the quick cleanup assistance, Aftermath also helped the family process their insurance claim, eliminating one more burden at this difficult time.

Aftermath has worked side-by-side with funeral professionals nationwide, offering families peace of mind following tragedies just like this one. As a valued member of the ASD Rewards program, you are eligible to receive a $500 credit toward your ASD bill when a referred family uses Aftermath Services. Look for the Aftermath-ASD brochure in the coming weeks for more information and register before March 31st, 2015 to enter to win a $500 ASD credit, just for stopping by.

Common Misconception:
Every cleaning service is an expert in trauma cleanup.
Quite the opposite. Few companies have the knowledge, experience, or training needed to handle blood or other biohazards.