What to Look for in a Biohazard Removal Cleaning Service

If you’re facing a situation where you need the services of a biohazard removal cleaning service, look to Aftermath. As a bioremediation company with more than 20 years of experience, we are able to help you safely move past this event and remove any biohazard waste. We then efficiently and discreetly clean and disinfect the area so you can move on with your life.

At Aftermath, we routinely deal with unattended deaths, crime and trauma scenes, and other situations that can leave biohazards, bloodborne pathogens, chemicals, tear gas residue, and structural damage behind.

How to Choose a Biohazard Removal Cleaning Service

Biohazards are potentially infectious organisms that can cause harm to humans. Because biohazards have the potential to transmit diseases, such as HIV, Hepatitis B and C, and MRSA, biohazard removal cleaning services go beyond using commercial cleaning agents to ensure a site is truly disinfected.

When selecting a biohazard removal cleaning service, customers should utilize a checklist to ensure the company adheres to professional standards. At Aftermath, we adhere to a 28-point checklist, which illustrates the regulatory compliance and quality assurance standards we follow as part of our commitment to innovation and excellence. Some key factors to look for when hiring a bioremediation company are:

  • Proof of insurance: Companies should carry a variety of insurance policies, such as vehicle, worker’s compensation, contractor’s environmental liability, and theft/property damage.
  • Thorough employee training: Technicians should receive intensive, thorough training in several areas, including OSHA and other regulatory standards, bloodborne pathogen, personal protective equipment (PPE), respiratory protection, hazardous communication, and heat-illness awareness compliance and training.
  • Adherence to proper biohazard disposal methods: Failure to adhere to strict local, state, and federal regulations regarding proper cleanup and disposal methods can result in hefty fines and could pose danger to others. Look for companies either A) licensed to transport or store medical wastes according to standards or B) who partner with companies licensed to dispose of and transport medical waste safely.

If you are looking for a biohazard removal cleaning service that fits all standards mentioned above and more, contact Aftermath 24 hours a day, seven days a week online or by calling (877) 872-4339. We are here to help you move forward after this tragedy and ensure your home or property is returned to a safe, clean condition.