Aftermath Services: National Crime Scene and Biohazard Cleanup Company


Sadly, the emotional trauma that families endure after the death of a loved one is often only the beginning, and sooner or later they are faced with the most difficult question of all: How are we going to clean up the scene? Fortunately, they don’t have to, thanks to the compassion and expertise of Aftermath. We are a bioremediation company that offers a variety of services, including crime scene cleanup.

Aftermath Suicide and Homicide Cleanup

Police tape and crime scene cleaner

Aftermath has been providing families across the nation with professional and caring crime scene cleanup since 1996. Our team of trained professionals use compassion and discretion to help you understand the process and go over the costs and payment options. Before we begin, we’ll give you a written estimate and talk to you about everything we’ll need to do in order to make sure your home is clean and safe from potential biohazards.

Aftermath guarantees that you will not experience further damage or odor, and we will provide you a Certificate of Treatment for official documentation. Just a few benefits of choosing Aftermath include:

  • No obligation estimate
  • Most insurance accepted
  • Major credit cards accepted
  • Hardship and financing programs available

Crime Scene Cleanup Requires Special Training, Knowledge, and Supplies

Believe it or not, cleaning up the scene of a traumatic death is the responsibility of the victim’s family – an unimaginable task for the grieving. The goal of a crime scene cleanup company is to lighten this burden by cleaning the scene and returning it to its original state.

An article published by Julia Layton says, “Crime or not, mopping up after a traumatic death is not only a potentially horrific task. It also requires a significant amount of training and special knowledge to complete properly.”

Bioremediation involves cleaning up potentially dangerous material, including blood and other body fluids, that are considered biohazards. To protect themselves and others, crime scene cleanup crews should follow all OSHA regulations and standards:

  1. Have access to handwashing facilities and antiseptic cleansers.
  2. Wear personal protective gear (filtered respirators, chemical spill boots, and non-porous one-time-use suits).
  3. Do not eat, drink, apply makeup, or change contacts while at a crime scene.
  4. Discard contaminated objects in biohazard waste containers.

Why Aftermath?

It is important to note that the tasks performed by biohazard technicians go well beyond the cosmetic, and just because a scene looks clean does not mean it is clean. The scene of a death poses dangers that cannot be perceived by the naked eye. Crime scene cleaners must clean all areas of a scene, from baseboards and lighting fixtures to carpets and subflooring.

Since 1999, Aftermath has provided bioremediation services to families dealing with the death of a loved one. With several locations throughout the country, we are available for crime scene cleanup anytime, day or night.