Safety Hazards After Someone Dies in Your House | Aftermath

The emotional distress can be incredibly taxing when a family member or loved one passes away in your home. Reaching out for professional help, particularly in regards to the cleanup of the home, can make it easier on you and can protect you from any health risks that come with a passing in the home.

Health hazards like bacteria and toxins develop after someone dies in your house. The hazards become more pronounced if they are not taken care of in the right way.

Professional death cleanup services exist to make the cleanup quick and thorough, and more importantly, they have the right training, procedures, and cleaning agents to ensure that your house is free of any bloodborne pathogens and other toxins.


How Your House Becomes Hazardous

 As soon as a body begins to decompose, it releases hundreds of toxic chemicals. This makes it possible for diseases, such as the flu, hepatitis, and salmonella, to spread.

 Even if your house appears clean, some hazards may still linger. Airborne bacteria in your house can stay for long periods of time without an effective cleanup, even posing a threat to future tenants.

 Time also plays a factor into the health risks associated with the death. If someone dies and isn’t found for days, or even longer, the place of death and the act of cleaning up the unattended dead body will have severe health risks.

 The nature of the situation can also heighten health hazards, such as in a suicide or homicide, with exposure of visible and invisible bodily fluids. Blood on the carpet, for instance, can seep into the floor and become a deeper hazard.

Regardless of the circumstances, it is best to leave it to the professionals to avoid putting your own health in jeopardy and ensure a thorough cleaning and disinfection.


How Your House Becomes Safe Again

Professional services will use hospital-grade solvents and disinfectants to remove any health threats in your house and test to make sure they meet the highest standards of disinfection. They will also have the protective gear needed to perform the job safely.

 It is also important to turn to professional cleanup services to take extra safety precautions that will comply with government regulations for hazardous waste disposal. They’ll take extra caution to prevent any chance of infection or disease spreading.

No matter the situation, having a specialized cleanup service when someone dies in your house is an essential safety measure.

Aftermath Services offers expert crime and trauma cleaning and biohazard remediation across the U.S. Aftermath technicians take care that your house is put back to a safe and livable condition, with professionalism and compassion for your situation.