What’s Required for High-Quality Trauma Cleanup | Aftermath

If you are faced with a difficult situation such as a suicide, unattended death, homicide, or accident with a major blood spill, then you need high-quality trauma cleanup. When a trauma like this affects your car, home, or business, a simple surface wipe up won’t do. You need to call a professional crime scene cleanup company like Aftermath so that the situation can be remediated safely and you don’t have to face this alone.

Why Do I need High-Quality Trauma Cleanup?

A trauma scene can be difficult to handle and emotionally devastating. It can also pose major safety risks if it is not cleaned properly. Blood and other biohazardous material left at the scene can carry harmful and even deadly viruses such as HIV or Hepatitis C. According to the Center of Disease Control:

  • 1 in 24 people has HIV, Hepatitis B, or Hepatics C
  • Approximately 12 million Americans have Hepatitis B, a disease 100x more infectious than the AIDS virus
  • Every 9.5 minutes someone new in the U.S. is infected with HIV

Without high-quality trauma cleanup, you leave yourself at risk of being infected by these diseases. And what’s worse, many bloodborne pathogens can dry up, become dormant, and then activate months or years later putting you and your family at risk without you knowing it.

What’s Required?

High Quality Training and Certifications

You need to rely on more than just a bleach solution or an in-house janitorial team (if you are a business) to clean up a trauma scene. High quality cleaning requires a proven, scientific approach. At Aftermath, we have published a 28-point checklist illustrating the regulatory compliance and quality assurance standards that we abide by in order to deliver high-quality trauma cleanup. If someone is going to clean a trauma scene, they need to have:

  • Evidence of bloodborne pathogen training and compliance
  • Evidence of personal protective equipment training and compliance
  • A written exposure control program in the event of an accidental exposure incident
  • A medical waste transporter license

The stakes are high when dealing with trauma cleanup, so it is important for those performing the cleanup to have all the proper precautions and certifications.

High Quality Process 

Not only do you need the proper certifications, you need the proper processes to adequately remove the trauma and keep all parties safe. At Aftermath, we:

  1. Assess – We take an initial walk-through and conduct an OSHA-mandated employee-safety hazard assessment.
  2. Control and Setup – We use cross-contamination protocol to separate and secure the trauma scene from other parts of the home, business, or vehicle.
  3. Remove – We remove physical evidence of the trauma from the affected area.
  4. Clean, Disinfect, and Deodorize – Using EPA-rated disinfectants, we remove, clean, and disinfect the area where the trauma occurred.
  5. Verify – We then use chemicals to test and guarantee hospital-grade levels of disinfection.

High quality trauma cleanup is important. Rely on a company who can provide it. If you need assistance or have any questions, give Aftermath a call.