What is the Definition of a Death By Natural Causes?


You may have questions about the definition of death by natural causes. When someone dies of old age or as the result of a health condition or illness, his or her death is considered a natural death. This article will delve further into this topic and explain the differences between natural and unnatural deaths.

Defining Natural Death Causes

If a death occurs unexpectedly or in unusual circumstances, the coroner is usually required to hold an inquest to determine the cause and manner of death. Once the cause and manner of death are determined, the coroner will decide if the death occurred as a result of natural or unnatural causes.

The majority of states recognize five manners of death:

  • Natural. As mentioned before, a natural death is one that occurs as a result of the aging process or disease.
  • Homicide. A death is considered to be a homicide when a person is killed by one or more persons.
  • Accident. A death is considered to be an accident when the fatal outcome was unintentional and there is no evidence that the injuries occurred with intent to harm.
  • Suicide. A death is considered to be a suicide when a person intentionally takes his or her own life.
  • Undetermined. A death is considered undetermined “when the information pointing to one manner of death is no more compelling than one or more other competing manners of death when all available information is considered”, according to Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences.

mourning death by natural causes

After a homicide, suicide, or accident, it is important that the site is cleaned and sanitized to remove any potentially biohazardous material. Even a death from natural causes can leave behind body fluids that can be potentially infectious. This is especially common in cases of unattended deaths, which can require the specialized sanitization services of a bioremediation company.

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