How to Help a Friend Who’s Had Someone Die in Their Home | Aftermath

When people close to us are going through a difficult time, figuring out the best way to help can be challenging. Aside from offering emotional support, sometimes helping with the process of how to handle a situation can be incredibly valuable.

If a friend has someone die in his or her house, dealing with the logistics of the aftermath doesn’t have to be an added burden.

Connecting with Resources

While you may want to roll up your sleeves and help however you can, one of the best things you can do is pass along a phone number.

Connecting them with the professional services they need, depending on the situation, can help make the recovery process quicker and safer.

That may mean professional death cleanup services, which are especially important when dealing with an unattended body or removing any blood or other bodily fluids from the home.

When someone dies, their body releases hazardous chemical compounds that are toxic to those still living. The toxins released can be a major threat to those in the home and become more dangerous in the house over time.

Helping connect them with cleanup care and other professional resources not only takes away some of the burden of dealing with a death but is also important to keeping them safe.

Do Your Research

When someone dies in their house, they are likely in an unfamiliar situation, unprepared to answer the many questions that come with dealing with an unexpected death.

Whether it’s helping understand AD&D insurance, navigate homeownership rights or obtaining death certificates for legal and financial proof, any way you can help simplify the steps of handling a loss can make the process less overwhelming.

Acting with Care

Regardless of the role you play, being empathetic toward their situation is ultimately the most important thing you can do. No matter what help you bring to the situation, it is critical that the person dealing with the death is cared for and treated with the thoughtfulness anyone deserves when dealing with a tragedy.

Aftermath Services

Aftermath is a professional death and crime cleanup service that has empathetically handled traumatic events since 1996. With rapid emergency response, Aftermath technicians are ready to quickly return your home to a safe and livable condition while giving you the respect and care needed during a difficult situation.