Professional Suicide Cleanup Company

For someone who has lost a loved one to suicide, coping with the loss can feel like an uphill battle. Add this to the stress of cleaning up the scene, and the emotional effects can be catastrophic. This is where Aftermath, a suicide cleanup company, can help.

Suicide and Homicide Cleanup from Aftermath

Suicide cleanup - man by Aftermath vanAftermath is a national leader that has been specializing in suicide and homicide cleanup since 1996. We follow standardized practices to ensure we are meting state and local regulations regarding credentials, licensing, insurance and training. And our offices across the United States enable us to respond to your call within just a few hours. But these are just a few reasons Aftermath is one of the best crime scene cleanup companies in the nation. Other reasons include: 

  • No obligation estimate
  • Most insurance accepted
  • Major credit cards accepted
  • Hardship and financing programs available

Choosing a Suicide Cleanup Company

Suicide, homicide, and trauma cleanup involves handling potentially dangerous material, such as blood and body fluids. Choosing a suicide cleanup company that gets it right the first time is essential to your health and safety. When choosing a suicide cleanup company, choose a company that:

  • Has experience. Hiring an inexperienced cleanup company can make a bad situation worse. For instance, if a team of inexperienced cleaners fails to completely sanitize the scene, the bacteria that are left behind can negatively impact the home and the health of future occupants. Aftermath has almost 20 years of experience and is an industry leader in bioremediation and crime scene cleanup.
  • Emphasizes safety. The scene of a suicide can contain harmful bloodborne pathogens such as HIV and hepatitis that can infect the technicians and occupants if not properly handled. Aftermath provides a 28-point checklist to help educate the public on industry safety standards.
  • Is customer focused. The main goal of a suicide cleanup company is to relieve families of the burden associated with trauma cleanup. Aftermath uses discreetly marked vehicles to protect your privacy, offers sensitivity training to technicians, and clearly documents all work performed to provide to your insurance company.
  • Is available 24/7. Tragedies can happen day or night, and you deserve a crime scene cleanup company that will be there when you need them. Aftermath will deploy a team of technicians to you immediately after we receive your call or online request.

Aftermath’s vision is to remain the trusted and premier market leader in biohazard remediation by delivering on our promise of world-class customer service and safety, continuing to be innovative in our biohazard remediation practices and procedures, and expanding our nationwide footprint. Call us today at 877-872-4339.